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Mobile Marketing For Small Business Trends To Watch For And Know Immediately

Mobile phones are powerful devices when a business owner wants to talk with and communicate with their ideal customer and market in a very congruent and relevant way. Just about every mobile phone network and device existing today allows you to use them as a great business tool.

Your Smart mobile phones are readily available throughout the market place and currently are excellent breeding grounds with regards to mobile phone marketing. It will help you with economizing your time, energy and effort as well as your cash reserves.

Please understand that with smart mobile phones today, consumers are not in need of a PC anymore. They can perform any kind of transaction anywhere they feel like conducting it. This new way of marketing and communicating with people is called text based or text message marketing simply using the consumers mobile phone. You can perform things like mobile phone email advertising and promotion, mobile text marketing, location specific marketing, mobile app advertising, etc. There is no limit to what you can do as a business owner today with mobile marketing. This trend is so big that it is about to surpass even e-commerce!

In the world we live in today, I think you can agree that it has become more mobile. Just about everyone today has on them a cell phone, and 70% of them sleep with their phone. Today, if you want to get in touch with someone, the easiest and fastest way to do so is to simply send them a text message. And guess what? A few smart and early adopter local business owners have figured this out and are using mobile marketing to communicate with their target market. And the majority of this mobile text marketing is related to the following:

* Applications or gadgets a user of a smart mobile phone can use to speed up ideas and interactions.
* Customer service and care or any kind of thing you can think of.
*Sharing platforms, social interaction, product and service standardization. etc.
* Real time mobile coupons and special offers.
* Even professionals like doctors and dentists are offering their services through the use of mobile phones in regards to patient reminders and scheduling, etc.

I hope you are seeing now that the smart local business owners are choosing to offer information pertaining to their business via mobile text message marketing. Their customers can now sign up to receive updates about their business, real time mobile coupons and special deals, new products being released, etc. And all these can be communicated to consumers through simple text messages that build trust and authority in your market.

What is also exciting is that all the traffic your mobile friendly websites are getting is being watched and tracked by the likes of Google. They are then ranking these sites for a business using mobile advertising. This sure does save you a lot of money when you compare it to other forms of marketing and promotion.

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Using Mobile Local Marketing Correctly To Advance Your Business

Mobile marketing for local businesses is a trend and a marketing medium you do not want to avoid or dismiss.

1. First of all, please know that Mobile users are different from computer users.

Mobile users search online in a different way. They aren’t on your internet site to research and thus download and read your PDF information. The vast majority of mobile phone users are usually searching online as a way to find common information because they are running errands all over town. Because of the compact phone display they may have, they aren’t interested in clicking all over your internet site to look for what they need. So an effective mobile site would have minimal but essential info right on the front web page.

2. It is imperative that you are clear on who your target audience is.

Mobile promotion with text message messages exclusively operates if you transmit a new message to the correct folks. A few establishments make the miscalculation of treating Text (Short Message Service) like a mass advertising media rather than the targeting resource that it was intended to be.

With text message marketing advertising, you are able to send very congruent and targeted messages to a certain demographic of consumers and hot them with your offer at the right time at the right place. This will create a lot of success fro your business your messages are speaking he the right people on their own terms.

So, as you can see, understanding your market is the key here.

3. It Is A Mistake To Use SMS For Hard Sales Tactics

With Mobile marketing, it certainly is a way to communicate with your best customers. But as a word of caution, do not just hard sell them all the time. People buy from businesses that they know, like, and trust. So, build valuable relationships first and give before you get.

You just want to avoid doing what so many other business owners do and that is send out mail messages that are unimportant and not congruent with what they are looking for. This will become a real annoyance to your audience.

Don’t turn out to be one of those. Alternatively, you should give value to your consumers as a result of all your mobile marketing activities. In the event that shoppers feel as if they really are benefiting from the text promotion relationship they are going to agree to in addition to accept it. Otherwise, your time and effort may potentially damage your brand.

4. Mobile Marketing Is Most Effective When Used With Other Advertising

Even though mobile promotion strategies are generally helpful when implemented on their own, they carry much more power when they’re employed as an element of a strong all round marketing program. If you happen to be employing website advertising, marketing via email, or even TV promotions in addition to local newspaper promotions, mobile advertising can easily possibly be a good solid excellent fit for you to incorporate with those strategies.

What you could do here is use your short code in all your other advertisements. Also, put your unique QR code on all your marketing material so consumers can easily just scan it and go to a coupon of yours, your website, or what ever you want them to experience.

5. Using SMS One Way Marketing For Best Effect

As you can now see, Mobile phone marketing is a fantastic strategy for you to keep in constant contact with your customers. But, you want to differentiate yourself again from most local business owners out there by making it more than just a one-way conversation where you are always selling stuff. Instead, also use it to connect with people and build a sense of community with them.

In the end, the people you are communication with will really appreciate this about you and tell others about your business. Remember, people do business with businesses they know, like, and trust.
This is when they will start buying from you. Then you can ask them for their feedback and opinions and get some helpful data on them about how you may serve them better in the future. his is where it gets to be a lot of fun.

Want to find out more about mobile local marketing, then visit Eric Henderson’s site on how to choose the best mobile marketing consultants for your needs starting today.
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Your Business Can’t Do Without Mobile Advertising Anymore

Mobile Advertising has reached that point of importance where the growth of a business largely depends on it. This is true even for brick and mortar stores in an age where almost every individual is married to his or her mobile. In fact, with consumers preferring to trust Google Maps on their mobiles rather than bystanders to guide him to the nearest business, an online presence of the business is an absolute must. The lower priced models of smartphones have created a boom in the mobile phone industry and landed a mobile at the hands of almost every consumer. Taking the example of just the Indian context, in the third quarter of 2013, the market for smartphones grew by 229%. More importantly, the growth is sustainable. This article looks into various phases of a business where Mobile Advertising plays a key role now.


Once your business has been set up, the first task is to launch a promotional campaign so that the consumers become aware. There has hardly been any advertising medium with a penetration as deep as Mobile Advertising. Never in the history of Advertising has a medium been bestowed with the power of reaching the consumers irrespective of where they are. Since the mobile is a constant companion, the recipients of Mobile Ads are within reach at all times. Mobile Ads also do not suffer from geographic boundaries and users from all over the world can be targeted.

Consumer Acquisition

Once the news about the business has been spread, it is time to actually acquire the consumers. The role of advertising in the competitive world does not end with mere blowing of the trumpet. Its tasks have extended into actually initiating an interaction with the consumers. Since the mobile is the only device from where an ad can prompt the user to start an immediate interaction through instant messages or even one touch calls, a Mobile Ad is best placed for the same. Mobile Advertising is working wonders for local businesses all over the world. According to reports by Google, each day over 57% of smartphone users rely on their mobiles to search for relevant businesses in their locality. Imagine what an ad of your business can do at such opportunities.


Starting an interaction is only halfway through the process of business. Getting the consumer to actually buy is the most important step. For ecommerce sites, the importance of Mobile Ads is established beyond doubt as internet users are increasingly shifting to their mobiles to make purchases. Even for brick and mortar businesses, the fact to be considered is that more than 50% of the mobile users make an online search for a product or service when they require it on an immediate basis. This urgency of the user can be easily converted to sales by a Mobile Ad.

Brand Enhancement

Once a business has started making profits, it is time to enhance the reputation of the brand. Constant positioning of the brand symbols like logos, symbols, etc. are steps taken for brand enhancement. Mobile Advertising not only places the brand symbols at the lap of the consumers but also facilitates interaction.

Media experts had been talking about a time when an association with a Mobile Advertising Agency would become an absolute necessity. That time has arrived now. If your brand is yet to be on the Mobile Advertising bandwagon, it should be among the first things to be done in today’s proposed activities.

MAD Advertising – The leading Mobile Advertising which helps you to promote your business through Internet Advertising, Online Advertising, etc.
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Mobile Application Development For Small Businesses

Whether the requirement is to expand your business locally or globally within a very short duration of time, mobile apps marketing must be involved. Mobile marketing campaign can be successfully done if you have developed cell phone apps in a very professional way. There should not be any kinds of difficulties for users to access these applications as per their specific needs and requirements. Whether you have owned a small business or medium-sized business, you can’t increase your online business without involvement of cell phone marketing. As there are millions even billions of cell phone users worldwide, it’s one of the most convenient options to market your product or services through this channel.

There are some misconceptions among many businessmen that mobile application development for small businesses would be expensive deals but the reality is not like that. If you see it for business perspectives in terms of profits or gains, you will find that it’s one of the most effective marketing methods that are helpful for businesses according to businessmen’s financial budget. For this, it’s one of the most important things that mobile apps should be developed by a prominent company that has been made well reputation in developing various kinds of cell phone apps for many years according to customers’ custom needs and requirements.

During mobile apps development for small businesses, you must be sure that applications should be developed for different mobile operating systems including Android, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, iOS along with many others. You can’t get maximum consumers if you do not develop these applications for distinct cell phone operating system. Cross cell phone application development are also done in this advanced techno arena in which a common application can run on all mobile operating system. Although, development cost of these apps are expensive but it’s considered to be very convenient for users. Hence, if your budget allows, you should go for development of cross platform mobile apps.

Being a novice businessman in the market, you should gather more information about various mobile applications that are very popular and frequently used by customers in USA along with the rest part of the world. This will help you to understand various features for some popular apps so that you could decide what features should be in your cell phone apps. You should be developed these apps as per your special business as well as marketing needs and requirements. Moreover, these should be done within your financial budget. As far as reputed cell phone app development companies are concerned, you can get detailed information about them online.

Mobile Application Builder Local Mobile App Marketing is one of the most reputed marketing firms, which provides local mobile marketing in USA, Android mobile apps development along with many other services at affordable costs. For More Information Please Visit: Mobile Application Development
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Benefits Of Mobile Marketing & Proximity Marketing For Small Businesses

There are many methods to reach a potential consumer that a company will utilize. Marketing is done through various mediums that have a high-exposure rate, such as magazines, the Internet, television, newspapers, and nowadays the mobile phone. Mobile marketing & proximity marketing incorporates the nearness of a mobile phone location. Conveying ads through the use of Bluetooth enable phone involves how close someone is who possesses such phones.

Most people know that sending text messages to people on their mobiles to inform them of various products and services is known as mobile advertising. Not many people know the real meaning of proximity marketing. Most people are used to text from friends and family.

Bluetooth has become a revolution in the use of mobile phones and allows for the possibility of sending messages to people within proximity. Service providers can be bypassed by the use of Bluetooth. Bluetooth makes it possible to bypass manual tasks used to handle various mobile phones to create a uncomplicated environment while using phones.

Modern phones will typically facilitate exploiting Bluetooth and all consumers who are close by can get ads in the form of videos, pictures, and text messages. If the Bluetooth is not on, it will not work. Common individuals who utilize this type of marketing would be managers within a mall who can obtain access to many phones while they are on the property.

Mobile marketing and proximity promotion have become effective means of communication with the customers nearby to increase sales while informing them of products. Both marketing and proximity promotion will exploit the use of mobile phones in customer possession but use different technologies.

Customers who are within proximity are in for a treat when they accept various messages from businesses. When users accept the message, they can utilize the benefits of obtaining discounts on merchandise. In the malls, target audiences can be effectively targeted.

So far, retailers and malls are taking advantage of the technology to send various discounts and inform customers. The exception is for the target audience to be in propinquity to have access to the ads. Consumers can take advantage of deals sent to their phones to see the real benefit.

The downside to the ads may be inclusive to unsatisfied consumers who did not want the ad in the first place. Like most marketing, one has to accept the good with the bad. There is currently a debate on issues of facilitating guidelines on how to send out ads to consumers. It is important to stay on top of these issues to follow the proper methods of using marketing via mobile phones.

Common companies who appreciate the value of mobile marketing are small in size and looking for cost effective ways to market. Companies benefit in growth and sales with a cheap alternative to the more costly marketing campaigns. This will help the smaller businesses stay on par with the larger companies who have a higher budget than most.

The Bluetooth wireless transmitter is placed in an area where most of the people are roaming and the message is sent across so that those who have their Bluetooth on can get the message. Mobile marketing & proximity marketing can be advantageous to consumers when they offer of a discount. Discounts can be availed right away.

There are different ways to reach out to people. Have you ever heard of proximity marketing? How about short code provider? These can be used to get the message through to people.
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Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Mobile marketing is still a relatively new form of advertising. In fact, many of the most prominent advertisers are large companies and corporations. This is in part due to the rapidly changing technology associated with mobile advertising as well as the cost of keeping up to date with changes and trends in the mobile marketing industry.

Yet, small businesses can still benefit from this quickly advancing technology that is becoming ever more popular with the younger generation of consumers. Children are receiving cell phones and mobile devices such as the iPad at an ever younger age. The end result is an even earlier introduction to a wireless world where information and mobile coupons are readily available with the touch of a button.

For small businesses to continue to thrive, business owners are going to need to become familiar with local mobile marketing and mobile advertising options. Young consumers will look up mobile coupons and discounts right on the spot. They are less likely to read newspapers or go through the Sunday advertisements. To get their attention, small business owners are going to need to find a way onto their mobile devices and into the palm of their hands so they become visible at the exact moment a consumer is interested in their product or service.

One great way to jump start your mobile advertising program is to work with local directories such as the Yellow Pages, the Big Book or your local smaller directories such as those offered by Home Pages or even your local Chamber of Commerce. Most of these directories offer the option of having your company information available on mobile searches. The additional fees associated with this service are generally low and well worth the investment as they give consumers looking for your service or product instant access to your information when they are most likely to buy.

Another great feature offered by these companies is the ability to have mobile coupons appear with your information. Online coupons are easily accessed through cell phones and portable computers increasing the chances of them being used by consumers.

Mobile marketing and advertising is a natural extension of internet and email marketing. As the world becomes increasingly wireless, consumers will rely on this technology more and more to find bargains, access information and discover companies that will meet their needs quickly and easily.

Find out more about mobile marketing. Get more information on mobile advertising and mobile coupons.
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Location Based Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

Location based mobile apps such as Foursquare and SCVGR are another way for small businesses to reach customers that are actively using their mobile devices to update friends and followers about what they are doing including being your customer. Whether you want your business to be included in location based mobile applications or not, it is highly likely that your business is already listed as these mobile web apps pull information from popular business listing sites including Google places.

There are several marketing strategies that a small business owner can implement to make the most out of these types of mobile marketing opportunities. Creating formal and informal specials to customers using these apps can help increase your company’s exposure through their viral nature by getting more customers to check-in and share comments, reviews or basic information about your brand or company with their friends through social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Sponsored Deals

Businesses can work closely with a location based app company such as Foursquare to promote a special deal to customers directly through the app. This can be a very effective way of marketing to potential customers that are near your business. People in close proximity will receive information about your promotion. This type of paid advertising promotes the deal to all users in the region and requires a person to click the check-in button in order to receive the coupon which will in turn provide your business with demographic details about the people visiting your location for the advertised special.

Special Location Based Promotions

Another strategy that can be less cost intensive is to provide discounts or special deals for customers that choose to check-in through any number of different mobile apps. Simply create a nice marketing flyer and place it near the cash register or online check out cart that proclaims “Check-in on Foursquare” or “Check-in on Facebook” and receive “XYZ” discount or special offer. This can help a business quickly begin to trend in the local area making other users of these apps more likely to see your business.

This type of marketing is relatively inexpensive and customers generally have no problem saying something nice about a business they frequent that is also giving them a deal on one of their favorite products or services. One of the keys to being successful at marketing as a small business owner is to keep looking for trends such as location based apps and thinking how to tap into those communities of users without having to shell out the big bucks that a formally sponsored marketing campaign would cost.

Give location tagging apps a try for marketing your business to local customers and get them engaged with the brand online by actively supporting the company simply by checking-in or making a nice comment about your products or services.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability. To discover more Joint Venture Marketing Strategies join his free report on Joint Venture Marketing.
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Why Chicago Businesses Still Use Mobile Billboards

Corporations existing within Windy City confines have radio, internet, Sears Tower along with numerous other marketing mediums which push their messages across. Why, then, do multitudes of existing business still bother using mobile billboards Chicago residents used to rarely stare at when entering taxis or Chicago Transit Authority buses? Older school marketing ideas have been revisited with economic downslides still occurring around the country, for starters. To polish off two main reasons, we also consider facts revolving around modes of transportation available within the great city.

Yellow Cabs Are Plastered Everywhere

Jumping cabs daily allows consumers, also known as professionals, to receive rides around the vast stretches of Lake Shore Drive and beyond. Of course, it also allows companies to make money both off fares and taxi toppers, often the showcase point for new businesses. Cabs operating around Chicago, currently numbering 2.4 per 1,000 residents, offer perhaps more marginal methods for businesses to spread their word around. Since Cook County, alone, comprises nearly ½ of Illinois’ population, it’s difficult to refute marketing effectiveness of signage appended to nearly 7,000 operating vehicles transporting consumers and professionals daily.

Tribune Advertising Is Costly

Although Ricketts family members could easily afford full-page advertising within a newspaper circulating nearly 15,000,000 copies daily, not every small to medium size business could consider calculating ROI gained or lost by using this advertising medium. Besides, it’s easier to haggle an affordable rate with taxi companies as opposed to marketing or sales departments in Tribune headquarters. Whereas papers like Sun Times or Tribune could charge per inch, flat-rate advertising per month is what you’ll receive when utilizing cab cars.

Difficulty In Search Marketing

Unlike extremely competitive keyword targeting or algorithm battles, mobile billboards Chicago companies prefer using are purchased because difficult local search marketing methods have grown even more harrowing for marketers. Rather than trying competition with larger businesses offering similar products with much bigger ad budgets, utilizing visually appealing signage atop taxicabs works much better than combating website penalties or avoiding your email drip campaigns being flagged as spam. Last time we checked, taxicabs sometimes have problems speaking English, let alone spamming.

Consumers Love Oddities

Our oddly driven society loves ads which both have funniness yet seem slightly twisted in meaning. Your business could, in other words, place signage atop venturing cabs and make quick yet memorable splashes into the minds of consumers who’re bored while waiting for CTA or other cabs to arrive. The concept for cities the size of Chicago makes perfect sense for quick exposure and budget-conscious businesses wanting their brand to make an immediately noticeable impact upon Cook County buyers.

Find innovative and effective marketing choices including advertising vehicles, mobile vehicle advertising & mobile billboards& target your demographic to make the impact your brand deserves.
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Michael Szapkiw | Insights on: WordPress, Web Design, Starting an Online Business | Niche Website | Online Portfolio | Eportfolio | Passive Income | Internet Marketing |Mobile Marketing |Email Marketing |Online Marketing | SEO & Much more! – Building a Website Pro: WordPress Training, How to Build a Website, Web Design for Small Business, Entrepreneurs & Individuals
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