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Dog Days of Summer Charity Event


Hey Everyone! 

Hope all is well! I would like to invite you all to bring your pups and join us for our annual Dog Days of Summer charity event!  The event will be Saturday, August 20th, from 5-8pm.  We will be hosting a bake sale, a barbecue, and a raffle auction so you can win tons of cool doggie prizes! We have a groomer on site offering nail trims for $5 (way cheaper than at a groom shop!). We also have set up a large doggie pool so your pups can take a swim, and we will be taking free Doggie Luau photos at the event. The proceeds will be benefiting our friends at the White German Shepherd Rescue and the Home Fur Good Rescue. 

We hope that you can make it! If you're on Facebook, please give us your official RSVP on our event page:!/event.php?eid=252785294738233

We are also looking for donations and baked goods to make this event possible. A complete list is available online:

Also! If you would like to volunteer to work the event, we still could use a few more people. Let me know by August 6th! 

Thanks guys, let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to forward this message to any friends that may like to join! We're hoping for a huge turnout this year! Our event will also be featured on Pets On Parade and in the local Arizona Republic. 


Dog House Training Academy

Making Canine Connections


16624 North 32nd Street 

Phoenix, AZ 85032

(602) 348-1078

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Walking in the Petsmart Charity walk – help support me!

As many of you know I lost my german shepher Modena last year. After that loss I began volunteering for the SW German Shepherd rescue – the white german shepherd division. I pick them up on weekends and take them for playdates in the park – it is something that I aboslutely love!

I am working to raise money for the walk – help sponsor me!

Click me for link


Or go to and find my name as a walker under Angelina Gonzales. Email me with any questions also:

I will be there on Sunday with a fur kid in tow walking the walk and raising money for a great cause! Any support is tremendously appreciated! I will post pics after the event – and thanks for the love!


To Success,
NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Design

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Gift Card Galore

I didn't sleep well last night. I was worrying a lot about a lot of little things that really aren't significant in the grand scheme of things. I woke up for my run – first run since I've had food poisoning all week. Felt good to get outside in the fresh air with my iPod and just go.

I live in downtown Phoenix and I run through a park that is on Central. There are many people that sleep there and a few that live there. 2 in particular have become friends of mine and we chat, say good morning and have light conversation. They are are very nice and as the weather has gotten cold I have worried about them. I brought them breakfast and hot coffee last week, figured I would do that each week.

Today I talked to them and learned that one of them has been in downtown for 38 years, I am still trying to figure out his whole story. I learned that he has 4 blankets and where he sleeps at night because he prefers this over chaos in one of the shelters. The other one, I don't have his whole story. He came walking back as we talked. He goes every morning and gets coffee from Krispy Kreme for a $.27 refill – today he learned that they raised their coffee price to $1.25 a cup and they cannot afford it anymore.

I smiled and told them to have a nice day they told me the same. I felt bad. I was worrying about small stuff but as I looked at my bed I sleep in every night and took my hot shower I realized that nothing is that bad. I decided that I would go to Kripsy Kreme today and buy them a gift card to use for coffee and stop and the sandwich place next door and get one from there too.

Then it started me thinking. Kristi told me she has gift cards that are 2 years old that she will never use – I have a few friends that told me that. So I decided to start asking anyone if they have a fast food gift card that they will never use – I have a few in my wallet. Every week or so I'm going to give them to my homeless friends in the park so they have the ability to get something warm to eat and drink.

Downtown is a community and we look out for one another. So if you see someone where life has served them up something not so sweet maybe a gift card would help – it's actual food not money or bringing food. If you have some and want to mail or drop them off to me let me know! I will make sure that they get in the hands of someone that needs and deserves it. I'll even talk them in to letting me get their picture.

I wrote a check the other day for St. Mary's Food Bank and I know that will be put to good use for families but I enjoy seeing what I can do as a direct impact. I always told myself that as soon as I had a little to give that I would give it and now I'm getting that opportunity.

So dig in your purses, wallets, dresser drawers and junk drawers – find those gift cards and lets put them to good use!

To Success,

NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Designer

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Pet Blessing and Benefit Sat Nov. 6th!

As many of you know I lost my German shepherd back in May. I have begun volunteering with a local German shepherd rescue where they will be a part of this benefit where all the proceeds benefit animal rescue. I have had the opportunity to meet 2 great white German shepherds – the most recent is Bryce. He will be with me on Saturday showing his stuff to potential adopters. Come on out, it’s a great event with an even better cause.

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010
Start Time: 10:00 am

Location: New Vision Center for Spiritual Living
18010 N Tatum Blvd. Phoenix AZ 85032 (directions below)

Join us for our annual Pet Blessing and Adoption Fair! It’s a day to celebrate our animal friends. A lot will be happening from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm!

Blessing of the Animals – Please bring your pet on a leash or in a carrier for the Blessing of Animals by Rev. Michelle.

Pet Adoptions – Rescue Groups with healthy, adoptable dogs, cats, rats and rabbits will be available. This is the time to adopt a new, loving companion. So many have lost their homes and need your love and assistance right now.

Pet Fostering – If you can’t adopt right now, we have a great need for foster families for abandoned pets. A special senior subsidized foster program is also available.

Also Pet Communicator Debbie Johnstone, Animal Chaplains Donna Rae Yuritic and Kris and Craig Haley will be present. Raffle items and animal specific vendors will also be on hand for this event.

Special Drawing – Donate a bag of dog or cat food and receive a free raffle ticket for the drawing for pet supplies, services and other great items.

New Vision Center for Spiritual Living located on N. Tatum Blvd, between the 101 and Bell Road – across the street from Moon Valley Nursery.

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St. Mary’s Foodbank Damaged in Phoenix

I was told about this over the weekend – I think I must be in a cave for not watching the news! Phoenix was hit the other week with a powerful hail storm which caused the skylights at the St. Mary's Food bank to be broken out and the place filled with water. St. Mary's provides food to many needy families in the Valley. I have included the link to the video from the news on what happened and how to help. I know I'll be hitting the grocery store today and dropping off some canned goods!




To success!

NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Design

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Personal and Business – not so seperate

It is time to look at my goals – and no, I didn’t come up with that idea by myself. No, as I’m talking to my dad for the 80th time about business and things going wrong he asks me if I have looked at my goals recently, and the answer is no. I mean technically no.

They exist, they hang behind me – poking at me and nagging at me to make sure that I am on track. But alas, I am not on track. I’m very off track. I’ve actually decided that I’m just going to build new track right here. Bright and shiny and new.

So as I listen to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata I blog my very personal blog about my life because personal and business is not so seperate and I enjoy sharing me, because this is me. Designer, Entrepreneur, Heart on my Sleeve – me.

Since May, there has been drama every single month since then. It’s September and I think I have found the last shattered piece of my heart and have used the last drop of super glue to put it all back together.

You see, I’m a planner. A perfectionist. Everything has to be just so. I don’t do spontaneous. The last spontaneous thing I did was taking off to LA for a little down time. I drove with friends half the night to LA, spent the day at the beach, the night at a club and the next day packing and heading to LAX while on the phone with my dad booking me a flight – get me the heck out of LA and back to Phoenix. Thank goodness too – I was so busy with work that it was not the right time for me to leave. Work is my life, and although I try to step out of my comfort zone, this is where I am comfortable. Home with my only dog, computer and Hulu.

And lets not forget the death of my faithful friend, then the moving in to my dream place away from my sister and 3 year old nephew. The toxic relationship that only lasted as long as it did because he tried to save my dog only to make me feel awful about myself and trapped. Yes, I was the girl who sat at home waiting because we had made plans and he never showed up. I was the girl waiting by the phone when he said he’d call and never did. And lets not forget the moment I found his online dating profile but there were “no other girls”. Yes, I was THAT girl.

All the while trying to keep it together, keep myself together and more and more stuff piling on. The loss of friends who stabbed me in the back over business. Time for another round of friend changes because that is the way life goes, as you grow some grow with you and some grow apart. More and more loss I have experienced.

Then my rental property was all of a sudden vacated early and I had to spend the last 2 weeks putting it back together and getting it rented again so I don’t have to figure out to pay a mortgage payment on top of my bills.

All the while I have a company, that is growing like wildflowers in the sun and I think that it is beautiful and wonderful and I want to make everyone happy and give them everything that they want but I’ve had to steal away moments to myself. I have forced myself to make time for the rescue dog Mindy because she’s had a harder life than most and it’s not fair to complain about my petty problems. She actually brought my soul back to life, she’s so silly and fun it’s hard not to laugh.

So anyone that says “it’s just business” is wrong or I’m wrong? Or I’ve just built a business on compassion where I feel my clients pain or frustration and take it on as my own and try and fix it. I don’t let my clients know what’s going on in my life, I don’t apologize I just fix it, find a solution and move on. But maybe I should? It’s been a hard few months, and I haven’t cried, or been angry I’ve just pushed it aside and kept going. But the last 2 weeks have been tough. Having to re-prove myself to people, step up my game even more and get on top of it.

My new plan. This weekend I look at my goals and get on my new bright and shiny track and start going again. Taking a breath and getting it all done. I’m a fighter and always will be, but it’s back to basics and re-analyzing my strategy. After all, that’s what I’m good at – strategy, like really good at it.

Much Love and To success,

NThreeQ Media, LLC
Arizona Graphic Design

Not just for design

As most everyone knows, my life is my company, my clients and my dogs. In May, I lost my German Shepherd Modena unexpectedly. The loss took a toll on me and I was fortunate for all the support I received from my friends, family and clients. I had decided that I would never own another dog again, as the loss of Modena was difficult enough.

Then I began googling recently. I found a local German Shepherd rescue and decided to reach out. I am not sure about a dog or any of the sorts but Modena and I ran every morning for years and that was what I missed. I asked the rescue if I could volunteer to take one of their shepherds on play dates and they said absolutely.

I am enjoying my involvement with this organization and it is definitely healing my heart after Modena, I feel that she would be happy. I have had the opportunity to spend time with Mindy, a young white German Shepherd that is nothing but full of life.

I was never sure if there were opportunities that could be found to volunteer and take rescue dogs on outings. I am excited to become even more involved with these amazing dogs. I encourage others, especially if you are like me and enjoy running with an animal companion. There are so many dogs that need love and attention, as more homes goes in to foreclosure people are abandoning their homes and their pets in the backyards or cannot afford their pets. There are ways to help other animals without taking on the responsibilities of a new pet.

Mindy has changed my heart forever and I am grateful. I hope to spend even more time with more shepherds and watch them find great homes.

It’s all about community whether you are in business or not!

To success,
Phoenix Graphic Design