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Small Business Advertising Via Direct Mail Marketing

Amidst the growing trend in online marketing, direct mail marketing, still plays a vital part in the promotion of small businesses. Reports show that these strategies certainly has impact to consumers. So if you own a small business then this form of promotion will definitely suit you.

Direct mail marketing is more favorably acceptable than other form of direct marketing. All you need to do is to make a complete, unique and enticing package. This doesn’t mean to be expensive, but something you have planned and strategized. A masterpiece sent to a household is more likely viewed than thrown away. Hence, before the receiver would know that it is direct mail marketing, you have already achieved your aim of promoting your business. It is more favorable when you have met the customer’s requirements. All you need is the best strategy to hit success.

A small business usually has manageable scope of customer base. This is also equal to considerable amount of direct mail marketing pieces. Hence, you do not need to produce tons and tons of letters or post cards to be sent to multitude of household. You can concentrate on a targeted mailing list where you have potential customers. If you already have targeted mailing list, you will minimize the cost of sending mails to non-customers.

Before sending advertisements through direct mail marketing, you must consider few vital things so that you will not be hitting the air.

Prepare your direct mail marketing strategy. Most probably, you will not be sending your advertisements only once, especially when your product has not yet gathered stable consumer base. Your targeted mailing list will come from your customer profile, so decide who among all people must be sent a promotion. Choose those households whom based from history has buying power. This will minimize your cost of production and execution.

Your direct mail marketing strategy must be in tandem with the best item to be sent. Use graphic design principles that could attract potential buyers. Simple flyers are easily thrown out so critically decide on what catches your customers’ attention.

Small business advertisements are usually a hit to customers if these pieces are personalized and have more ideas of call to action. Nevertheless, the design must not be sacrificed by the thoughts you wish to convey. Make your recipients think about the mail, and don’t spoon feed them of what they should think or feel. This is how direct mail marketing works. is a leading OnDemand design, print, copy, and direct mail advertising company with services tailored for small and medium businesses. provides affordably priced and professionally designed printing and direct mail marketing materials, including brochures, newsletters, postcards, stationery, menus and ads. Customers are able to produce their marketing materials and entire direct mail advertising campaign for a fraction of the cost and time previously required.

For more information on products and services, Direct Mail Advertising, please visit, call (888) 566-1350, or email
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Successful advertising and marketing for small businesses

Advertising is an essential part of a business. It is the one that will help the business grow and last longer. It will help you attract more consumers, spread the word about your business, improve your sales and increase your revenue. But for small business owners, Marketing And Advertising may be a lot to take in. There are so many things to worry about such as the huge expense it will take to advertise. And there’s also the matter of how to advertise effectively. So for those who are worrying about how to create an effective advertising campaign, here are a few laws that you should abide to.

1. Use one message

A high response rate advertisement usually conveys a single message. Your small business advertising and marketing campaign needs to quickly communicate its core message in 3 seconds or less. It’s important that your message be simple and compelling at the same time. It has to be understood immediately by the consumers and also be straight to the point.

2. Add credibility

It has become human nature to distrust advertising and marketing as well as Marketing And Advertising Agencies so it is important that your advertisement should have real and credible claims. Any claim made in your advertising which your customer does not perceive as the truth is a horrible waste of ad dollars. Sometimes you have to provide proof in terms of statistics, research findings, and case studies.

3. Test everything

Large businesses have a greater margin to waste capital and resources without testing their advertising and marketing. Small businesses, however, do not have and cannot afford to have this kind of this luxury. So use coupons, codes, and specials to measure the headline, timing, and placement of you advertisement. Test only one item at a time and one medium. Testing doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant. It can be as simple as asking every customer for several weeks how they heard of your business.

4. Be easy to contact

Every single brochure, box, email and all company literature should have full contact information including: website, email address, phone and fax numbers, and company address. In order to turn potential consumers into actual buying consumers, you have to make it easier for them to contact you. And you can do this through effective advertising that includes all your contact information.

5. Match ads to target

Effective advertising speaks to one target market only. So it’s also important that you tailor your advertising and marketing to each market. Focus the message to the target group and make sure that you place it in the right area. For example, an advertisement for losing weight should be in women’s magazines.

6. Create curiosity

Successful advertising and marketing does not necessarily have to sell a product or service immediately. Instead, create advertisements that are able to generate the interest of the consumers and make them want more information. The most important part of an advertisement is its “call to action”. This is what separates effective ads from terrible ones.

SMRTMedia, one of the leading Advertisement Agencies in Singapore, offers Effective Outdoor Advertising Campaigns such as Subway Advertisements , Bus Stop Advertising and Advertising Billboard .
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Co-op advertising helps companies save money and increase brand awareness

Many business owners are unaware of Co-op advertising, a collaborative endeavor between retailers and manufacturers that reduces advertising cost while increasing market reach. Unlike traditional Retail Advertising, where you pay for the entirety of your advertising cost, Co-op advertising works as a cost-sharing arrangement between manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, or distributors and your business. In exchange for featuring their product or brand in your ad, manufacturers will pay part of the cost. It’s a win-win scenario where both you and the manufacturer are able to save money and increase brand awareness.

For many small to medium-sized businesses, co-operative advertising allows them to move into media markets that were previously cost-prohibitive. Co-op funds can be used for advertising in any media, including television, radio, print, and online. Since co-op ads often cost only half as much as traditional ads, they allow smaller businesses to reach new markets and employ more expensive forms of media.

BOC Partners is a public relations firm and NJ Advertising agency that specializes in Co-op advertising for Automotive and retail markets. Unlike many traditional NJ Marketing agencies and Public Relations firms, BOC Partners understands that cooperative work between manufacturers and retailers is the future of advertising. BOC has spent time building lasting relationships with major manufacturers and suppliers and can help network your business with the manufacturers whose brands you already use. Attempting to generate co-op ads on your own can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. BOC’s extensive experience can insure that your co-op ad campaign is produced quickly, professionally, and at an affordable cost.

BOC has a long history of working in Automotive advertising. The co-op model is one of the most inventive Automotive marketing Ideas to come around in years and it is ideally suited to the unique needs of the Automotive market. The major auto manufacturers are always looking for ways to increase their advertising market share and are eager to work with auto dealers. Auto dealers often rely on television advertisements, one of the most expensive forms of advertising media, and are thus especially interested in finding new Automotive marketing Ideas that can help them cut their advertising cost. The co-op model insures that your advertisements remain high quality even as they are made more affordable.

In addition to its work in the auto market, BOC Partners also has extensive experience working in Retail Advertising. Because many retailers sell a wide variety of brands and products, there are ample opportunities for co-operative relationships with manufacturers. BOC’s relationships with regional and national manufacturers offer a wide array of options for generating Retail Advertising for your business.

As a locally based NJ Marketing firm, BOC Partners grasps the particularities of the NJ Advertising market and can help you target the precise audience you want. We understand the challenges that face local businesses because we are one ourselves. We can offer a personalized service and understanding of the local market that larger, national firms simply cannot. Particularly with co-op marketing, where relationships with manufacturers and retailers are so essential, it pays to work with a firm that understands local businesses and has long-term relationships with them.

For more information about New Jersey co-op advertising or NJ automotive advertising you should check out
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Offline Advertising Helping A Local Business Thrive

You may find that offline marketing has almost been wiped off the earth because of the speediness of the internet. Many businesses feel that because they have achieved great success using online mediums, offline advertising is quite useless and have become redundant. However, every business should rely on all types of advertising. Traditional marketing may be very time-consuming but your message is dispersed to those who do not have the convenient access to the internet.

E-marketing may get to almost the whole globe, but this is quite a waste when you operate a tiny business in a tiny town. It may be more beneficial to invest in offline marketing for these conditions.

Distributing flyers is an effective form of offline advertising, especially for smaller businesses. With flyers you must assure that they look impressive enough to grab the eyes of future clients. These flyers must also not give out too much information so that the reader must have the urge to contact you. The message must be brief but yet exciting. Giving out too much detail in a flyer may be too much for your customers to handle and they may just get rid of it.

Besides the content of these flyers, the design has to also be impressive. Use bright colors so that is stands out and highlight the important sections and words therein.

The way you hand these flyers out are just as important and those who sees them depend on this. Giving them out on the street or at malls is an effective way to distribute them, but it may be better to put them in a free local newspaper. Lots of people go through these flyers before reading the newspaper.

Leave a couple of flyers on the counters of various shops. Placing these flyers under the wipers of cars is not that such an effective way of advertising. 9 out of 10 times people just throw them away.

Offline advertising has a lot to do with branding, so when you choose a marketing medium, you should consider how it reflects your brand. If your business is quite upscale, you could place ads in magazines or even approach your local TV station.

This might cost a pretty penny so make sure you have room in your budget for this. Because it is so costly, you have to make sure your ad is as impressive as possible.

About the author: Troy Simon can help you learn offline advertising through a university level marketing course named the Job Assassination Program .
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10 Ways to Use QR Codes in Direct Mail Advertising

You’ll find plenty of creative ways to use QR Codes in marketing all over the web, but they have particular value when integrated into a direct mail advertising campaign. QR Codes can enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail in a number ways:

* First, telling the reader to scan the QR Code with their smartphone is a call to action they can act on immediately, when they are most receptive to your message.

* Secondly, once you’ve engaged the person, you can provide more details about your product or service, offer exclusive coupons, discounts or unique content to further entice them.

* And finally, you can track usage of the QR Codes to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and make adjustments accordingly.

No doubt about it, QR Codes are the next big thing in direct mail marketing. It is an exciting development, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, because they can be implemented so easily and affordably. Here are 10 ways to use QR Codes in your next direct mail advertising campaign:

1. Have the consumer scan the code and enter their contact information to be entered into a drawing for free products and/or services.
2. Send a postcard advertising a property for sale or rent and include a QR Code that launches a virtual tour of the property, then offer a premium for scheduling a showing or attending an open house.
3. Post real-time event information, e.g. a calendar of events, on a mobile website which can be updated without changing the QR Code it’s linked to.
4. If you sell a particular brand of product, have the consumer scan the code to open a link to the manufacturer’s website where they can read the specs, reviews, compare the features and prices of various models, etc.
5. Trying to register people for an event? Print a QR Code on a postcard mailer and have it open the registration form when scanned. Let them pay the registration fee after completing it.
6. Own a restaurant? Print a QR Code on your menu mailer. Have the code generate a text message or email that signs the user up to get the Soup of the Day via text message or the weekly specials via email.
7. Include a QR Code in your design that opens a mobile app that allows consumers to search your inventory.
8. Have the code launch a mobile website featuring testimonials from recent customersand offer a special discount for calling or emailing from there.
9. Advertising the grand opening of your salon and spa? Send a mailer with a QR Code that automatically dials your number to schedule an appointment.
10. Simply offer an exclusive coupon, good for a limited time, to drive traffic to your business’s location. Compare the number of scans to the increase in sales to see if you need to sweeten the offer. offers the ability to generate a QR Code, print it on your direct mail, and track the results through their website. Click here to get started on your next direct mail advertising campaign. is a leading OnDemand design, print, copy, and direct mail advertising company with services tailored for small and medium businesses. We provide affordably priced and professionally designed printing and direct mail marketing materials, including brochures, newsletters, postcards, stationery, menus and ads. Customers are able to produce their marketing materials and entire direct mail advertising campaign for a fraction of the cost and time previously required.

For more information on Direct Mail Advertising, please visit, call (888) 566-1350, or email
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4 Characteristics of Out of Home Advertising

Not all advertising mediums are suitable for every campaign. For those new to advertising and for small business owners, it is beneficial for them to know what features various advertising media can offer to their company. Here are four characteristics of out of home advertising:

1. Repeated exposure

Consumers spend most of their waking hours outside their homes so an advertising medium that is capable of meeting its consumers where they are would be an effective way of gaining exposure. As cities increase in size and as technologies continue to advance and develop, it removes the consumers from traditional advertising. Out of home advertising can effectively increase revenue by promoting the business’s unique selling position to the consumers. Out of home advertising like Billboards Advertising is also available 24 hours a day 7 times a week. It can’t be turned off or easily ignored. So expect advertisements to gain huge exposure from this medium.

2. Out of home advertising is able to complement and enhance other media

Out of home advertising can act as an umbrella for the rest of the brand’s advertising mix. Adding out of home advertising to the media mix will increase the advertisement’s frequency and continuity plus it guarantees advertisers Successful Advertising Campaigns for their services or branded products. Frequency will give the brand numerous exposures to the target audience which can create a top of mind brand awareness. Continuity will act as an insurance policy for the advertising campaign. It will allow the brand to maintain contact with the consumers and ensure that the brand is being advertised when other advertising medium is not.

3. Better targeting

Outdoor advertising is pure advertising. By placing advertisements in high traffic locations and areas where the target consumers frequent, brands can be specifically advertised and thus create better targeting. Placing the advertisement near the point of purchase will also increase its call to action and effectiveness. Advertisements are more effective when they are seen at the right time at the right place. It’s also always there so the consumer will be constantly reminded about the product or service being advertised.

4. Lowest cost per thousand impressions

Out of home advertising will also give the business or brand access to the lowest cost per thousand impressions. This is an important metric especially for larger companies who buy advertising for branding purposes. For smaller local businesses, this is also important because this means that this is the least expensive way to advertise without sacrificing the quality and benefits of the advertisement. A low cost per thousand impressions will be able to provide brands more exposure for every ad dollar spent. This will also allow advertisers and marketers to reallocate portions of their advertising budget to outdoor advertising so that they can increase their cost per thousand impressions while reducing the net ad budget outlay.

Outdoor advertising is the oldest form of advertising but it is still the fastest growing form of advertising. Outdoor Advertising Agency can provide the necessary solutions to their advertising needs. They have teams of professional who can share their knowledge and expertise.

SMRTMedia, leader in Advertising and Marketing provides Successful Advertising Campaigns at an affordable rate thus making them as one of the Best Advertising Agencies in Singapore.
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Keying In On Your Clients Needs

Although large business have an easier time deciding on promotional products, since they tend to have a larger budget for such items, smaller and medium size business often find it difficult to find a promotional item within their allowed budget. One item that is suited for all business sizes is the promotional key ring. Promotional key rings are not only cost efficient for companies, but they are also one of the most appreciated promotional item.

Due to the low cost of promotional key rings, they are usually the preferred choice of advertising for smaller businesses. Also, when you purchase your promotional key rings in bulk, many companies offer a discounted rate, allowing smaller companies the chance to increase their advertising audience numbers. Therefore, a company will be able to gain greater exposure, since they are handing out large amounts of promotional key rings.

Moreover, key rings are used regularly throughout the day as important keys are fastened to them. Their regular use makes them visible to their users quite a few times a day, and the brand name that is printed on them will also be seen. As such, the users of the key rings will be constantly reminded of the company that gives out the key rings.

With promotional key rings, a smaller business no longer has to worry about how they can expand there advertising out of the immediate vicinity in which they are located. Since the key rings are inexpensive, they are able to order more of them, which in turns allows them to reach out to a larger area. To make an even greater impact with your promotional key rings, there are additional features offered, that are sure to please the recipient and make them think highly of your business.

Key rings are handy, and they can be brought to just about anywhere. As such, they can extend the reach of the brand image and win new customers for the company that gives them out. If a customer takes your promotional key ring with him when he goes to a foreign place, he will help create brand awareness in the foreign country when he takes the key ring out. Small and medium businesses that operate locally can also get international exposure by giving out promotional key rings.

All in all, a promotional key ring that is designed properly can gain, even the smallest of companies, a large amount of exposure.

If you are trying to decide on the best promotional for your company advertising check out some of the articles writen by Calvin Alexander. He writes informative articles on numerous products such as promotional umbrellas and promotional clothing.
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0800, 0844, 0845 & Virtual Numbers Can Monitor The Effectiveness Of Your Advertising – A Quick Guide!

0800 and 0845 numbers are a reliable method of finding out how hard your advertising is working for you. Businesses tell me:

“I know that only 50% of what I spend on advertising works – I just don’t know which 50% it is”.

I have provided a quick guide to the best method I know of tracking your advertising response.

It’s an old marketing adage but…

“If you can’t measure it how can you manage it?”

Businesses can easily obtain vital marketing data on a monthly basis that can show them exactly which advertising works and which doesn’t.

The concept is quite simple. Businesses need to place unique, individual numbers in each of their adverts. 0800 numbers are a good choice as the fact that they are free to call makes them attractive to potential customers. There is also the added advantage that practically everyone knows that 0800 is free but may think that other “08” prefix number such as 0870 or 0845 are expensive to call. Small to medium sized enterprises can still use 0845, 0870 or 0844 . I personally prefer Freephone 0800 numbers.

The way it works is like this: if a business has a combined total of seven adverts in the Yellow Pages, BT Phone Book, Thomsons and the local paper then they need to use seven different 0800 numbers – one number for each ad.

All telecoms providers provide some form of bill whether it is printed or downloadable. Usually the billing information is quite detailed and gives the number of calls with duration, time of day and cost of call. Every month you should look at the call data to see the number of calls on each 0800 number. Jot it down on a grid or enter it on an Excel spreadsheet. The major advantage of using an Excel spreadsheet is that you can easily convert a table into a bar graph. You will then be able to see, at a glance, which adverts are working and which aren’t and even keep a rolling average which will assist you in making spending decisions for the following year.

If you wish, you can take it a step further and calculate the actual cost per enquiry. This is the best known way that I can directly compare the effectiveness of my different media. If you know the annual cost of an advert it’s easy to calculate the monthly cost – just divide by 12. An Excel spread can calculate the average number of calls you receive a month on each number if you enter a simple formula. Divide the two and you have the cost per enquiry. If you are an Excel whiz then you can create a formula to do this for you.

For example: if one advert costs £200 per month and you get an average of 50 calls on the 0800 number in the ad then the cost per enquiry is £4.

With this information you can compare the effectiveness of media such as The BT Phone Book, Thomsons, and Yellow Pages and more.

This means you can cut back or cancel unprofitable adverts that aren’t pulling their weight. Many businesses find this invaluable as they look to free up money from printed advertising to fund website design and internet marketing. If you place a new advert then need to track it with a new 0800 number.

I have been using this system for over 10 years and have helped businesses save thousands of pounds by using this simple and effective 0800 number tracking system. Many businesses have used the savings to fund web design and internet marketing campaigns.

What are you waiting for? Start monitoring your advertising with 0800 numbers today.

Contact Details:
David Clarke
Heath Farm

Telephone: 01522 811 688

This article is free to republish provided the resource box / author’s bio remains intact!

David Clarke is an Internet Marketing Consultant in the UK and his company provides 0800 numbers and 0845 numbers.
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Postcard Printing Services: How It Can Help Your Business

Postcards as promotional materials are one of the most resourceful and dominant ways for businesses and organizations to pull prospective clients and customers, and generate interest about their products. Documedia’s postcard printing services can help you enhance your business and reach out to new customers. Postcards offer a simple, flexible and reasonable advertising solution. We at Documedia have achieved excellence in postcard printing for numerous campaigns, both big and small.

Documedia Postcard Printing Services: What We Offer

Here are some of the ways in which Documedia’s postcard printing services can help enhance your business.

ØCustomized Postcard Printing: Whether you are running a multimillion dollar organization, a small town shop or an ecommerce site, one of the most significant aspects of using postcards as a marketing tool is the flexibility (the extent to which it can be customized) of the medium. Documedia’s postcard printing services offers a smart, understandable and convenient means of communication. All you need to do is gather precisely the information that your clients want and get it printed on postcards and send it off to them. The design, print and content of the post cards are all customizable to suit your needs. Whether it is sensible tidbits, cyclic suggestion, special offers or high quality information, postcards are a great way to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

ØIncreased Visibility: With Documedia’s postcard printing services there is no reason for your advertising pieces to not look great. Documedia’s digital printing technology for postcards enables even the smallest businesses to get attractive, eye catching and high quality finished products, which help increase your visibility among potential clients and customers.

ØBetter ROI for Small Businesses: For small businesses and organizations, postcards can prove to be a great marketing medium. Documedia’s low printing costs and low mailing costs, coupled with the amazing level of customization possible, make it a great medium for start ups and small businesses and help improve their ROI.

We at Documedia have a team of highly skilled and experienced print experts and state of the art equipment to make sure that we meet all your printing requirements and provide you with high quality prints customized to suit all your business needs.

Im an internet marketing and social media strategist. I help businesses come to forefront online and get noticed by their target audiences

DocuMedia Group is a unique collection of graphic communications specialists with a remarkable range of individual expertise and experience in printing, imaging and information rendering of all types.

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3 Myths Of Network Marketing That Will Limit Your Earning Potential

There are a number of companies that yet had not attempted to go into internet marketing, due to a number of myths that hold them back, despite the fact of the phenomenon of internet marketing gaining increased presence on the world wide web.

The fact that some companies have been doing a proper use of internet marketing and earning growing profits, does not prevent them to be perceived with a certain degree of scepticism.No matter that long stablished large companies are starting to reap their benefits or that the industry of internet marketing is predicted to grow as much as 30% per annum in the coming years, surely leading to a generation of large amount of earnings, some companies are still reluctant.

Taking proper advantage of this extraordinary situation requires clearing up some myths about internet marketing, so that every one can benefit from it.

1) Even if you run an offline business, your potential clients will search the internet first of all.Period.So, the first misconception is that your business does not need an internet marketing input.The broader presence you get in the internet trough advertising, the more likely you are to be seen by your potential clients, thus increasing your clients base.There is almost no business with internet presence that is unlikely to profit from internet marketing.You may consider two added benefits: You are likely to be at par with larger companies in competing for advertising space, as the broader your presence, the greater the stake.On top of that, and specially for small businesses, the costs of advertising in the web are far lower than those offline, gaining greater exposure.

2) one of the myths you might worry about is that you have to manage a large budget to advertise on the web.Far from that.It is also a very economical option and one of a high exposure.And normally your return on investment exceeds by far your initial expenditure.If you already have a website with a large number of hits per day and compare advertising it to, should we say, placing an add in yellow pages, you will soon discover the benefits.Appart from lowering your budget – or optimizing it – you are able to get far more exposure and track your potential clients.So you do not only increase your clients base, but know a lot about them.

3) The third myth related to advertising on the web is that the websites running on the internet cannot be trusted and may be fraudulent. This is a minor hassle and should not hold you back from marketing through the internet. There are a large number of websites that you can choose from before you choose to place your ad. The best way to avoid scams is to conduct a thorough research and reading up on reviews as well as feedback provided by other people about the said website. The experiences of others can help you from being defrauded. A background check about the company should also be conducted. You must be aware of the number of years that the company has been conducting business and whether they have any offices available in the real world. If they do, you can check out their premises and then make up your mind.

Looking to find the best deal on successful network marketing, then visit his website to find the best advice on the ultimate cutting edge network marketing tools for you.
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