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The “Moment”

So, I guess it’s that time again. Linked In reminded me that this marks 8 years for the company that is NThreeQ Media. I feel like it was only a few months ago when I posted on Facebook and included everyone I could think of that had a hand in making it to year 7. And now we are at 8.

In the years past I have always thanked those in my life, felt lucky for the trials and tribulations that have come my way. Known that the things that have happened in my life – good and bad – were all for the best. And don’t get me wrong – I really am thankful for that – but this year, its so much more.

About 6 months ago I had “the moment.” It wasn’t anything big but it was meaningful. I stood at a place, that I have many times, I call it “on top of the world” which is really just the 30th floor of an exquisite place and stared out to see all of Phoenix. I smiled and said to myself that I deserved this – that I was worth it. Worth all of my dreams coming true and being that happiest possible. And I set out to do just that – make some dreams come true.

Around 2 years ago, I launched a new website, new concept and titled it “you haven’t seen anything yet.” I think that was a little premature. Not that the last 2 years haven’t been a wild ride – but 2015, it’s a game changer. The things that are on the horizon – obtaining goals that 8 years ago, even a year ago – I would have never thought possible is just exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens next, how the story goes – how one ends and another begins. This really is the year that I am who I am, love me or hate me but either way – I’m making dreams come true – and loving every minute of it.

I’m entering the land of entrepreneurship, more so over business owner. Delving into business in a whole new way, meeting new people, making new friends and learn new trades. It’s going to be a great year and I can’t wait to see what I write for year 9.

To success,

Angelina “Angel”
aka “Unicorn”



Go, dollar, go! 5 places where a vacation may now be more attractive

Money is flooding into the U.S. dollar in anticipation of the Fed’s first rate hike in about a decade, making life awkward for a lot of emerging economies.

The dollar is on its biggest tear in decades as the economy finally leaves the Great Recession behind it. Money is flooding into the greenback in anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s first interest rate increase in nearly a decade. That’s making life awkward for a lot of the world’s emerging economies. Here are some economies that will be more than happy to see your tourist Ben Franklins this summer:

1. Turkey. $ performance year-to-date: +13%

The lira has been one of the forex world’s “Fragile Five” emerging market currencies for a while, thanks to its twin budget and current account deficits. Being next door to the disaster in Syria and Iraq has also hit its economy, but what has really hammered it this year is a massive bust-up between central bank governor Erdem Basci and an increasingly authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan lashed out in public against the mercurial Basci this week, accusing him of being “under foreign influence” for not cutting his key interest rate by more than 0.5 percentage point. Markets expect things to get worse before they get better, and are selling the lira like it’s going out of fashion.

2. South Africa. $ performance YTD: +4.1%

How about a safari? Actually, the YTD number doesn’t really do the scale of the rand’s awfulness justice. The buck is up 36% against it in the last two and a bit years because it depends on exports of commodities. Demand for those has slowed sharply as China, which has sucked up staggering quantities of copper, gold, coal and iron ore, has changed its economic model away from breakneck industrial development. The South African government, beset by repeated allegations of corruption against President Jacob Zuma and his circle, has struggled to match the Chinese in finding an alternative growth model.

3. Brazil. $ performance YTD +13%

You’re already too late for Mardi Gras, but hey, there’s never a bad time to visit the Copacabana, is there? Brazil is the country that, along with Russia (which we’re guessing you won’t want to visit this year no matter how cheap it gets) had a 10-year party on the back of a commodities supercycle and has woken up with a massive hangover to find that some of the people who were running the party have plundered the house safe. A corruption scandal at state oil giant Petrobras may have failed to stop Socialist President Dilma Rousseff being re-elected, but markets are starting to panicking at the amount of dollar debt that companies like Petrobras have to repay.

4. Australia. $ performance YTD +6%

OK, Oz isn’t an emerging market per se, and 6% is no disaster, but the Aussie dollar is definitely feeling sorry for itself these days. For the last 20 years, it’s seemed like China just wanted to buy the top 200 feet of the whole continent’s crust and turn it into steel. Coal and iron ore exports are both still running at record highs, but prices have collapsed–iron ore was the only commodity to perform worse than oil last year. That means no more $200,000 salaries for truck drivers. The country’s central bank is also struggling to make sure that house prices don’t collapse as the froth comes off the market.

5. Ukraine. $ performance YTD +40%

But without a doubt, Ukraine is absolutely THE place to holiday this year (especially if you’re being sent undercover by the Pentagon to train local forces in the use of high-tech weaponry to stop Russian expansionism). The hryvnia has lost nearly 66% of its value against the dollar since Russia annexed Crimea and fomented a separatist war in Ukraine’s eastern provinces. The economy is collapsing; even a new $17 billion deal with the IMF won’t cover its financing needs for very long, and the constant threat of invasion hangs over it. Sadly, you won’t be able to fly to Crimea because international flights there have been suspended, but Habsburg-era Lviv, the glorious Carpathian mountains and (for the moment at least) the seaside resort of Odessa are still reachable.

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2014 is coming to an end

This time every year I write an end of the year blog post. Last year drew from various songs that I could relate to in some way and re-cap how the year went. 2013 was a year, I believe that at that moment it felt like some type of big endings in my life and new ones beginning. Looking back on it, the “bad” things that happened in 2013 weren’t so bad and the “good” things that happened continued to put me in line with continuing for me to grow as a person and to grow NThreeQ.

Here are a few things that I have learned in 2014:

– Other peoples actions show more about them than it ever does about you
– The best relationships are never found on social media
– Genuine people, although sometimes hard to find – still exist
– 2013/2012 no longer hold any importance other than an experience
– Business is just business
– People don’t live rent free in my head anymore
– I get to live an incredible life that I’m still creating
– Dreams come true, every day

2015 will be the start of the 8th year I have owned my own business. I’m lucky every single day just by waking up – it’s a gift.

At this moment, I am so excited for everything that life is going to put in my path – the good and the bad and the things that will help me grow and become what I was meant to be. Great things are ahead and unicorns exist.

And just in case you did need a new theme song: I recommend “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons. :0)

To success,


Entrepreneurial Perseverance

By Patricia Coyle

“If you think you are going through hell, keep going.” ~Winston Churchill

Perseverance is one of the most important skills a budding entrepreneur can have in their toolkit. It can also be one of the most elusive!

Too often the initial exuberance at the thought of ‘being your own boss’ and being able to do something for which you have unmitigated passion, blinds one to the realities.  When reality bites, we lose the faith.

The ability to get back on that ‘horse’ is what separates those who ‘do’ from those who ‘didn’t’.

successSuccess, so they say, is not so much achieving your goals, but rather having the stamina and perseverance to pick yourself up each time you fall by the wayside.   That doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up every time you mess up. Indeed, we learn by our mistakes and there is no better teacher than natural consequence!

You may be plagued with self-doubt. Maybe you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Messing up now and then isn’t such a bad thing.  Business success is no different to personal success, it is not so much a victory or achievement, but rather a perpetual state of mind.

Sometimes our biggest hurdle is the voice within. Ignoring the inner critic, the insecurity which might stem from previous “unsuccess” isn’t easy. You have been an excellent student of ‘experience’.

So, it is time to develop some strategies to keep you going. Didn’t you just take the quantum leap making the decision to set up a business? That in itself is no mean feat!

Never lose sight of your goal and remember that sometimes the longer it takes to become successful, the more successful you will become.

So, what do you do when the going gets tough?

You will have developed a Business Plan, your ‘roadmap’ to success and if you have done due diligence and taken the time to set down your objectives, your Plan will prove its worth to you during the bad times as well as the good. Use it wisely and update it regularly – it is a living breathing resource!

Find a good mentor – one with whom you develop a rapport. Spend time with your mentor during the startup phase, of course, but as your business takes off talk to your mentor regularly, especially when you meet what seem like insurmountable obstacles.

When it comes to sharing information with others about your business, your progress, your dreams, choose wisely. A well-meaning friend or relative may inadvertently deter you.

Small steps will get you where you want to go. Focus on your end goal. Remind yourself often about your initial motivation.

Make sure your family understands what you are doing and that you have prepared them for the vagaries of your journey.

Remind yourself every day of why you made the choice to set up your own business. Give yourself ample credit for each successful step, no matter how small.

Here is a little gem of advice from Ron Burton, serial entrepreneur and consumer advocate:

‘If you promise yourself to do at least one thing every day to further your plans, at the end of the year you will have made almost 400 positive steps to achieving your goals.’

It won’t happen overnight – but it will happen.

Good luck.  You know you can do it!

‘It always seems impossible until it is done”   Nelson Mandela

Particia CoylePatricia Coyle is a SCORE Certified Business Mentor, Arts Administrator, Educator and Performer who has learned about Perseverance due to her association with its close friend, Procrastination, as well as her relocation to the USA a decade ago. Patricia Coyle joined Greater Phoenix SCORE in 2012.  She has an extensive background in business, education and the performing arts.  Patricia’s areas of expertise are in marketing and development for the creative industries, crowdfunding, community organizations and education.

On air with breakthrough radio

Finally came across the broadcast that our president, Angelina Gonzales was on…..Breakthrough Radio. Not too shabby for her first time on air!



What I used to know

I spent a lot of years on this blog writing about my journey of being a business owner and all of the trials and tribulations that come with it. I’m sure that if I looked back I would laugh at some and relate to others. The realization about the whole thing is really that life goes on and what I used to know yesterday is no longer what I know today. The game is changing too fast, people are coming and going and projects are coming and things are moving at such an extreme pace I wish that I could just raise my hands up and pause the world. If you had one moment to yourself what would you do with it? I would want to appear on a tall mountain in a warm climate and just take the deepest breath that I could, like it was the first breath that I had ever taken. I would see the world from a perspective that I have wanted for so long and maybe even feel like I knew everything, although I feel as though I know nothing or what I want is not really what I want.

I have categories of people that I spend time with – my favorite are the listeners. No matter what I say – nothing about what I should do or not do or act or feel comes out of their mouth. I used to have the opinionated ones that no matter what comes out of my mouth there will always be a direct answer of what I am doing is wrong, how I reacted was incorrect, how I need to react or what I need to change about myself. And then there’s the one that I exist as their ear – which is totally ok.

I think that I have learned to listen over the years. I didn’t used to be a very good listener, just a lot of talking. It’s surprising what happens when you close your mouth and open your ears. I know that some people will float in and out of my life like a lily on a pond, the ones that will suck the life out me like being caught in a wind tunnel and the ones that are rock solid and will never walk away….I used to be able to count those people on one hand. But the golden ticket of it all is the fact that I have those people in my life, and lately I have had a whole group of people who care and are there and are just ridiculously supportive it makes me emotional. From listening and listening and listening to offering nights out and hanging out and working out to loaning me whatever I need, just to help me out. I am humbled and honored to call them my friends. The ones that have never left, never walked away, never judged or yelled, never blamed everyone else but themselves, never lived in the past, and never looked back but only forward.

I love my life and everyone that is in it, the support and the love that we all have for one another is incredible and rare. I missed this part of my life, I lost it for awhile but it came back with a vengeance and I am grateful. What I thought I knew, what I thought I loved, what I thought life was supposed to be no longer exists…it was what I used to know but not what I believed in and how I choose to be. I am who I am – flawed and imperfect. As Marilyn Monroe once said….”If you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

To success,
NThreeQ Media

Did you know we do tradeshow booths!

Altitude Analysis Trade show booth

Altitude Analysis Trade show booth

We will be on our way soon to Orlando with this great tradeshow booth including custom flooring and matching promo items plus marketing collateral.  More pictures to follow!