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Stacey Alcorn Helping You Take The Small Steps to Business Success – Stacey Alcorn Podcast: Entrepreneur | Leadership Expert | Real Estate

Stacey Alcorn Helping You Take The Small Steps to Business Success – Stacey Alcorn Podcast: Entrepreneur | Leadership Expert | Real Estate
from Stacey Alcorn Podcast: Entrepreneur | Leadership Expert | Real Estate
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Small Business Internet Marketing Introduction

Owning a business today is quite a bit different than it was years ago. It used to be that you could be fairly successful by using print advertising and word of mouth reach customers. Those days are gone. Today, our society relies heavily on the internet for many things, and businesses are no different. Most successful businesses have abandoned conventional advertising methods in favor of small business internet marketing. There are a number of reasons for this that we will discuss below.

How many people do you know that do not have access to the internet? Probably not too many, right? Some people live their entire lives online. They communicate through e-mails and chat rooms, and even do their shopping on the internet. Many people spend as much time looking at their computer screens each day as they do talking to actual human beings. There are millions, if not more, people on the internet today. You can see how important internet marketing for small businesses is in today’s society. Only the companies with a strong online presence are going to be successful with this group of people.

Another good reason to market your business online is the fact that it is cheaper. You can actually spend less money and reach more people than you can through print and television advertising. Small business online marketing can allow you to introduce your products and services to people that would have never heard of you otherwise. You could develop a client base half way around the world. This would never have been possible for most business owners before the internet came along. Marketing online also allows you to compete with larger companies that would have crushed you before. Even though your business is small, you may have a better marketing plan in place. This is the difference between success and failure.

If you are not already marketing your small business online, you need to start taking steps in that direction. If you don’t, you will soon find yourself far behind your competition. As quickly as the business world continues to change, by that time, it may already be too late.

If you’re not sure how to get started on the journey to internet marketing, consider taking one of the many internet marketing courses that are available online. They can equip you with the information to get up and running. There are also professional web marketers that you can hire to help you as well.

Scott Gallagher is an author of an internet marketing course. With exceptional knowledge of internet marketing for small business, Scott is also becoming an expert with Local Internet Marketing.
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Advertising Techniques For Small Businesses

Small businesses are going to need to be smart with how they use their advertising dollars. Proper use of different advertising techniques can help your business succeed. There are many ways your business can advertise without spending a lot of money. Knowing how to use 21st century technology can enhance your marketing efforts in a cost-effective manner.

Use Social Media

Businesses should all be using social media in this day and age. This is because social media sites do not cost any money to use. Social media also has several other advantages as a medium for advertisement. Ads can be sent out at any time. Your company could send out a status update about the latest promotion as many times as it wants. Trying to run repeat ads on television is not going to be nearly as inexpensive.

Affiliate Marketing Is Smart Marketing

Using affiliates to sell your goods is a smart marketing tactic. Your customers are more likely to trust the word of a fellow consumer. Someone who gives an unbiased opinion of your product is going to be seen as a reliable source. Your affiliates may also have a better understanding of how to sell the product to your customers. For example, customers in one area of the country may be receptive to a sales pitch that wouldn’t work in another area of the country. Having local affiliates makes it easier to personalize the sales pitch to what your customers need to hear.

Pass Out Business Cards

Your business card can be a great way to advertise your company. It is crucial that you direct your customers to where they can spend money with your company. This can be a website, sales director or some other catalog. Having all of this information on a little card will allow you to pass on this information to anyone you meet.

Put Fliers Wherever You Can

You can make filers that can be placed on cars, mailboxes and anywhere else your customers will see it. Placing your message in front of a lot of people can drum up some extra business for your company. Good fliers can also expose your company to a wider audience. No one is going to spend money on your products unless they know who you are.

Word Of Mouth

Client referrals are another sincere form of advertising on behalf of your company. Having other companies talk up the quality of your goods and services will enhance your reputation within your industry. This reputation can then be turned into more business in the future. This is because your company will be the first one that comes to mind when someone needs what your company provides.

Understanding how to effectively advertise your product or service will have customers coming in droves. They will feel as if what you offer is something they desperately need. This will be especially true if you get good word of mouth advertising from clients and affiliates. Your small business can market itself just as well as the bigger companies without spending as much money. All you need to do is mix modern technology with old fashioned common sense.

Jon McCulloch is Ireland’s preeminent small business marketing specialist. Visit now and grab his free insights on marketing fundamentals.

There is absolutely nothing to buy on his website – just free small business marketing tips to help you improve your business.

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Affiliate Marketing For Small Businesses

Whether you have your own website or use an e-commerce platform such as Ebay to sell your products and services, a marketing strategy is vital to your business. No matter how polished or cleverly worded it may be, your website means nothing unless you’re receiving a decent amount of traffic, or visitors. For many businesses, online marketing remains something that ‘other people do’ – considering it either too costly, complicated or both. Affiliate marketing represents one of the fastest-growing and easiest ways to make money online.

Market affiliate products through your website

Your own website is about more than just marketing your services, it acts as a portal through which other businesses can advertise their products and services. Affiliate programs usually work on either a PPC (pay per click) basis, where you receive a small fee every time a visitor ‘clicks through’ to their website, or you receive a small percentage of any subsequent transaction that is completed (or both). Offering advertising space and banner ads are a great way of lending your site credibility whilst earning extra revenue without lifting a finger. Before signing on with any company however, it’s always best to what they sell and who they’re selling to – just to be on the safe side.

Market your products through affiliate websites

As you might imagine the same as above, but in reverse! It is important to remember however that you will need to consider your own terms and conditions before allowing other merchants to sell your product or service online – such as rates, duration and so on. Usually, commission rates on digital products and services are greater than on physical products, due to the fact that no manufacturing, warehousing or shipping costs are involved.

Remember, most affiliate programs are free but be sure to read the fine print before signing up. There are many unscrupulous traders out there ready and waiting for willing victims – don’t let you or your business become one. Read the fine print!

Recommended affiliate programs

Kerpidex – one of the web’s fastest-growing e-commerce platforms, are currently offering fantastic affiliate opportunities for small businesses worldwide. Let your website or blog earn extra income without having to lift a finger by joining one of the web’s most popular affiliate programs.

Visit for more information.
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Why Small Businesses Need to Start Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ideal marketing tactic for small businesses. There are so many benefits to it and so few drawbacks that the smallest of companies are trying it out these days, and almost all are finding great success by doing so. The fact is, it works.

Email marketing refers to any of the email messages that are sent out in which there is intent to gain, maintain or increase customers. Typically a small business would sign up existing clients for a newsletter and then every week or every month the clients receive a notice with updates about what’s new, what’s on sale and what special promotions are going on.

The best reason to get into email marketing is that it’s cheap. It’s amongst the most inexpensive forms of marketing, especially when you consider the cost of television and magazine advertising, and can be started up by sending only a few emails at first. That right there is probably the biggest driving force behind the marketing phenomenon. This low cost allows the smallest of businesses to be on the same playing field as the largest of corporations, at least where the email portion of the campaign is concerned.

An email marketing message can be designed quickly and easily by just about anyone and, unlike other forms of advertising, the results won’t strike people as being amateur. Television and radio advertising, on the other hand, involve hiring on a lot of outside help. Even a good magazine won’t likely publish an ad that’s been thrown together by an inexperienced designer.

One way to prove that it works is by looking at the actual numbers the campaigns deliver. Unlike traditional advertising methods, email marketing campaigns allow businesses to see exactly how effective their emails have been. While they can’t get exact measurements of the long term result of putting their brand or product back into the minds of their recipients, they can see the short term results which are the ones that involve the immediate sales. And they can see these results almost immediately.

Those results, aside from showing a company that their email marketing efforts are paying off, can do a lot more things as well. The beauty of seeing those numbers so quickly, easily, and clearly, as well as being able to trust their accuracy, means that companies can tweak their ads regularly to see which technique works best.

Companies can easily view the results of their campaign by logging into their marketing software and literally see the exact number of people who viewed their message and then the percentage of those people who followed through by clicking a link on the advertisement. The statistics go far deeper than that as well, including things like how many sales resulted from each click.

If you want to earn a living online, email marketing is one of the most popular ways to do so. However, it’s important that you do your research and choose the right email marketing solutions before you get started. Check out Make Money on Computer for more information.
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Small Businesses Marketing Tips

Marketing provides you what you desire for your business. In the present day fray among companies, it has become imperative for business companies to have a proper marketing plan. Without that, they may fail. Marketing requires some unparalleled talent. The essence of marketing lies in understanding the choice of customers. Until you do that, your marketing can’t be successful. A successful marketer is one who knows the customers and plans a marketing strategy according to that.

Marketing is necessary for all type of businesses and is a way to get customers easily. While big business houses have the money to invest in marketing, small business houses find it difficult to do so. Precisely this is the reason why big business houses make it difficult for small business to compete and thus to survive. In this battle where small businesses find themselves in difficulty, there are some marketing plans which can lead to success for small businesses as well. It can help them to allure customers and compete with big business houses.

To start with small business marketing, the important thing to have always in mind is you can’t compete with the leaders in your area easily. It means you have to get an alternative position. In these circumstances the best thing to do is to shift your marketing position and avoid challenging them directly. You can also concentrate on the areas where the leader of the market is weak. This would provide you ample opportunities to build a market of your own. Try to build your business by offering customers what the leaders are not offering them.

Another thing to consider while doing small business marketing is budget. Here also as a small business you can’t challenge big businesses because they spend a lot of money on marketing. But this doesn’t mean you are short of options. There are many ways which can be used to boost the business in a limited budget. All you need is to ponder over things prudently. You can organize events and invite people in your business places. Also, you can try appearing in media. Build a relationship with reporters which can ultimately give you some free publicity in media. As a small business you have got the leverage to build a relationship with media persons on a personal level. Get the benefit out of it.

Small business marketing is all about consolidating on the flaws and limitations of big businesses. This is about establishing an alternative and offering people options so that you can not only easily survive in the fray of big businesses but proliferate.

Get small business marketing plans and ideas from Innovative Marketing Solutions.
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Why Have A Lead Generation Website As Part Of Your Internet Marketing For Small Business Strategy

A local business owner in any niche will benefit greatly from having a lead generation website as part of their internet marketing for small business strategies as it is a way to establish and develop relationships with your customers.

Here are some of the ways in which you can benefit from setting up a lead generation website.

Many people today are looking on the internet for the information they need. They are even searching the internet for local businesses in their community. As more and more people get access to smart phones and laptops as well as other internet enabled devices they are using these devices to find the information they seek.

Therefore, if you, as a local business owner, wish to be found by the very customers who need your services – you need to have a website that will tell these customers more about your business and its services. A website can very easily tell your visitors a great deal of what your business can offer them. A printed advertisement is not able to display as much information as a website.

If your website is a lead generating one you will be able to capture all the details of visitors who arrive there. These details will enable you to connect with them via a permission based email marketing system in which you engage and form a relationship with them. This relationship will allow your customers to know you well enough to be able to trust you with a purchase. Research has shown that people do not readily buy from a stranger, and that it takes up to seven points of contact before someone will make a purchase. This means that regular emails to your prospective customers are very important.

Having a website makes it a great deal easier for current customers to recommend you to other prospects, and for you to direct people you meet to it. Once you have a website you can advertise it on your company business card, on infomercials, on letterheads and on a whole host of other advertising methods. When sending out emails it is a good idea to include a brief signature line at the end of it with a link to your website.

You can also promote your business’ special offers or irresistible offers on your website to further attract additional customers to your funnel. Once your website is set up there is no additional cost to advertising with it. You are able to edit and make changes every time you wish. If you advertise through the Yellow Pages your advertisement is fixed for a whole year and costs a great deal more.

As you can see, setting up a lead generation website is an important internet marketing for small business strategy that will enable you to attract more customers at no additional cost.

For more information on getting local business online visit Internet Marketing For Small Business where you can claim my Free Special Report about how to get more customers online without being an internet marketing expert.
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