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Designing A Website That Makes Sense For Your Business

When you finally make the decision to have a website designed for your business, you may be tempted to immediately start shopping for a good web design firm.

However, you need to make some very important decisions about what you want your web site to accomplish, before you start looking for a web designer.

You are the person who knows your business best. You know what your goals are and who your customers are. Your website designer will not know the ins and outs of what your website should achieve.

First of all, you need to decide what your website’s purpose is – and it should have more of a purpose than just announcing that you exist, although that’s important too.

All businesses want new customers and want to increase their volume of business.

If you have a local brick and mortar business, such as a restaurant, car repair shop, beauty salon, or any other business that needs people to walk in their door, your web site needs to accomplish a few things. It needs to be designed to be search engine friendly so – for example – when people look up a phrase like “Orlando hair salons” or “best hair salon in Orlando” or “good hair salon in Orlando” your salon appears on the first page of search engine results.

Then, when people come to your web site, you need to give them a reason to take that next step and come visit your business. You can have your web designer create special web-only printable coupons. You can set up a “squeeze page” to collect the customer’s information so that you can send them emails with news about sales and special offers and special events at your place of business. You could get the customer to give you the date of their birthday so you can send them a special offer on that day.

Can you see, now, why it’s important to make these decisions BEFORE you pick a web design company?

Now, let’s say you have an online business. You may sell e-books, or graphic design services, or you may sell physical products that you ship from home.

You need to decide what action that you want your customers to take when they visit your website.

Your website needs to clearly communicate to a visitor what action they should take. Do you want them to order a product from you? Do you want them to join a membership site? You need to make it very easy for them to do so by having links to the order form in prominent places on your site.

You also need to come up with a way to capture those visitors who may need to take some time to think it over before they visit your site.

How do you stay in touch with a potential customer who has visited your web site? You can get your web designer to set up your site so that visitors can give you their name and email address. Your customer will do this if you offer to send them something for free: a free report, a free website template, a free weekly newsletter of some kind.

Then, you build a list of potential customers who have clearly demonstrated their interest in your services.

You also need to spend some time thinking about your target audience. Different styles of graphics and text will appeal to different audiences. If your web site is very targeted, say, to college students, or sports fans, or home schooling mothers, or gardeners…it makes sense to have a site designed very specifically to appeal to that target audience.

If your web site will have a broader appeal, such as “pet lovers” or car buyers, and could have visitors of all ages and all walks of life, you will want a more neutral, generic, design rather than say a bright, flashy, edgy design for a young crowd, or tasteful elegant graphics for rare book fans.

If you think all of this through before you select your web design firm, you will be in a much better position to communicate your needs and the scope of the project, and your web design will serve your business more efficiently.

Richard James works for Just Web Designers. UK companies can receive quotes from up to 4 web development companies by completing one form. Visit for information.
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Build your Opt-in List for SMS Marketing

Implementing a successful SMS Marketing campaign definitely involves a level of strategy. There are a series of steps to follow in order to fully take advantage of mobile technology in order to enhance your marketing efforts. Text message marketing has climbed to the top of the ranks when it comes to various forms of mobile marketing, and there are certainly no signs of this changing anytime soon.

The first step is building your list. Opt-in list that is, this is your list of customers or clients who have opted-in – or texted-in -in order to receive your messages. As a business, you – the business owner – may not purchase this list from anyone. If you were to buy a list of cell phone numbers, and start sending out text blasts – you would be sending spam. First of all, this makes your business look bad, secondly you would be giving text message marketing a bad reputation, plus no one likes to be sent spam! The cell phone is personal device, people carry it with them at all times, and they use it for a number of different reasons beyond just simply dialing or receiving a phone call. You may be wondering how to get people to opt-in; well, this is the fun part. The trick is not to disregard those traditional marketing techniques. Combining familiar forms of advertising with new technology is a great way to integrate a fresh SMS Marketing campaign, and see favorable results.

The best way to get people to text-in is to provide a little incentive, and make the process simple. Choose your medium, whether it be a poster, sign, or even a radio announcement. Next give your customers a call to action. Make it short and sweet. Giving them something, a reward perhaps, for texting-in will work very well. For example if you owned a store, your sign could say, “Text JEANS to 96000 for a 40% discount!” If you were a restaurant manager, your table tent could read, “Text SALAD to 96000 for a free side salad with any entrée!” People will be texting up a storm before you know it. Now, where did that 96000 number come from? Good question. That is a short code. A short code is a special short number – shorter than a regular phone number, which will be easier for people to type or remember.

Your SMS Marketing service will provide you with one of these, to simplify your text message marketing campaign. The word to type in is called a keyword. Choose a keyword that is specific to your promotion. You can set up an automatic response to the person who texts-in, linking them up to the promotion while confirming their choice to opt-in for future promotions via SMS Marketing.

Get Mobile SMS marketing services at Social Fuse.
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Tips On Reasons For Using Local Search Engine Marketing For Small Businesses

There are numerous different ways of Using search engine marketing for small businesses. Some of the top reasons to do this, has to do with the rankings that a person has online. When the business finds themselves higher in the search results, this increases the amount of people who they is the need for businesses which are local to build the rankings they have online.

Technology tends to change every year. As technology continues changing, businesses may find themselves left in the dust of change. Without flexibility in the way a business works, it becomes harder to compete with businesses that are larger. Local businesses should work on meeting the growing importance to have a high ranking within local search results. Many local businesses now are aware of this, as they watch others around them gain higher rankings on the ladder of technology. Additionally, as a business gains in the exposure it has, so does the amount of customers as well.

Often, many of the local search results show the business on a map alongside other businesses. In essence, the business becomes easier for people to find. Additionally, the local search results show up when a person does a search for something they are looking for. Generally, the results that are local come up in relation to where are person is located.

When a business has search results that show up within the regular search results that a person does, this helps to increase the amount presence they have among people they may not usually have access to. Often, this works well since they are gaining more of a presence among those who are doing regular organic searches.

When businesses increase the rankings they have in organic search results, they are more apt to have more exposure in relation to search engines like MSN, Google, and Yahoo. In addition, having a high rank helps to increase the amount of traffic that a businesses receives at their site. Generally, it is important that a business has to work on will relate to the keywords they have on their site in order to gain more to their site.

Smaller businesses should always work to increase the amount of exposure they can get online. Having a good understanding of organic SEO is one of the ways that a company can work to do this. However those that do not have this kind of understanding would be better equipped with paying another place to do this kind of search engine optimization for them, so they do not have to worry about learning something they are not familiar with.

Often, those who are smaller within the business world find it more intimidating to be around those which are bigger businesses. At times, some of the smaller businesses may think they will not get the amount of exposure they need online and is the reason they stay away from things relating to the Internet. Instead, a business is better equipped to perceive it as an opportunity and one that will challenge, yet give them something in return. The internet offers so many opportunities for anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits which are out there.

This is the reason why Using local search engine marketing for small businesses is so important. Never should the businesses back away from the opportunities which exist within the technological world. This is among the important things to consider when attempting to build more of a presence within a world that is run by many of the bigger businesses that exist.

If you have a small local business, like a Chiropractor In Canton MI for example, find out how you can get more business from search engine traffic by using tactics such as article distribution services and other effective strategies.
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Direct Email Marketing Strategies For Small Business: 3 Keys To Higher Profits

In my experience direct email marketing for small businesses embodies an incredible and untapped source of profits for virtually anyone who’s prepared to knuckle down and really have a go at it.

Why is isn’t everybody doing it?

Well, a great number of small businesses start it as part of their internet marketing strategy… yet then they quit.

Why is this?

On the grounds that they’re not making sales, that’s why.

Why doesn’t it work?

Because they’re not doing it the right way.

You see, what most business owners do is observe how big businesses do it… and then assume that’s how it should be done.

They invest time and money in costly and professionally designed HTML email marketing templates which, when they start using for email advertising simply crash and burn.

So here are three very quick suggestions you can put to work in your own business and enjoy substantially increased profits.

How big an increase can you expect?

No promises, but I’d not be struck dumb to see your cold-visitor conversion rate balloon into a ten-times-better “we love you!” response to your sales messages — in other words, your sales messages become ten times more effective. This does doesn’t always translate to ten times more sales, because you lose some visitors in the email optin process, but doubling your sales is common.

But let’s not digress.

The FIRST thing you should do is send more emails and send them more often. Most small businesses send out their email marketing once a month, if that. They wrongly suppose their list does doesn’t want to hear from them (more about that below); maybe it’s just too much like hard work. Who knows?.

Really, though, you need to be emailing at LEAST twice a week. Emailing every day is even better. Oh, my … I can hear the wailing and whining now and all the excuses why you’re certain it won’t work, so it’s not worth even trying. And you’re right — it won’t work IF you don’t have a go. Stop trying to speculate what MAY take place and instead put it to work and see what IN FACT happens.

SECONDLY, stop writing as if you’d sat on something sharp, or you have a lemon gripped between your teeth.

You should be writing your marketing emails as if you were writing to a buddy or a favored aunt or uncle. More: write from one person to another, from me to you. A huge mistake is to write from a ‘company’ to a group (really: talking to an individual in an email as if he or she belonged to a group is terrible).

And last of all, your content. It’s a mistake to hound them with entreaties to come and buy your stuff all the time. They soon get fed up with that and switch off to your emails altogether.

Be friendly and personable. Share your funny stories and the events in your life. Comment on current affairs. Dare to be different and contentious. Laugh at your misfortunes and disasters. The most interesting and interesting ingredient in ALL and ANY of your marketing is… YOU.

Emails like these are NOT regarded as junk e-mail. And your readers will look forward to getting them (and you’ll find if you skip a day or two, you’ll get customers emailing you to inquire where they are).

Now, that’s not too scary, is it?

I promise, if you start emailing your list consistently and often with interesting, compelling and stimulating emails, with maybe a link to an offer at the end, even in the PS, you are going to get a bump in sales.

Jon McCulloch is Ireland’s leading email marketing expert. Visit his website now and swipe just three of his 52 FREE small business marketing ideas he’s giving away today, and actually put them to work in your business and you’ll be amazed by the results.

They’ve all yielded significantly better results for small businesses just like yours in the past two years.

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Joseph R. Sanok: Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Marketing Expert, and Consultant – The Practice of the Practice Podcast: Small Business Growth | Marketing | Blogging | Small Business

Joseph R. Sanok: Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Marketing Expert, and Consultant – The Practice of the Practice Podcast: Small Business Growth | Marketing | Blogging | Small Business
from The Practice of the Practice Podcast: Small Business Growth | Marketing | Blogging | Small Business
Price: USD 0
View Details about Joseph R. Sanok: Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Marketing Expert, and Consultant

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How Important is a Company Branding Strategy for Your Business?

Utilizing genuine business concern branding strategies could create success for your organization. While it may be an intangible aspect of your organization, it’s essentially the part which convinces folks to obtain or use the items or services.

Just What is Company Branding Strategy?

The brand isn’t simply a logo or a name, it represents the business identity and as such it’s a critical part of the start up process for any organization. Company Branding techniques are employed to supply the basic steps and recognize the valuable tools which can assist in creating a powerful business brand. In general terms, a strong brand is one which individuals notice and suppose to supply great attributes. Did you ever find yourself at the grocery selecting one product over the other because it’s the most known or reputable brand?

It’s therefore a Company branding strategies objective to realize what could transform your organization into a trusted brand. How will you compel individuals to trust your brand and its reputation? What should you in order to convey the goal and mission of your business concern and the message you are trying to send out to generate loyal clients? A solid business concern branding technique will aim to discover answers to these questions before you can creating a brand for the company which will thrive in the marketplace.

Create Company Name, Company Logotype, or Company Website.

Creating a name for your business concern goes hand in hand with creating a Company logotype which can distinguish the company and when it comes to logos, you should chose a theme that is specific to you. Company logos will be used in the promotion as well as marketing crusades, therefore it should be widely acknowledged. For newbies, imagine a logotype which would easily clue customers on the attributes of the business – like if you’re in the foodstuff, automobile, or telecoms industry. Therefore, choose graphics which are akin to the attributes of the organization and the products they will be used to represent.

Slogan or Tag line

Once you have the logo that you want, you can consider a slogan that will reinforce the message you are seeking to convey to your customers. Assuming you keep the section short and straightforward, then this can be an effective branding tool for your business enterprise. The catch phrase will serve as an additional touch to the main message you are endeavoring to communicate, thereby providing you the edge over your competitors and highlighting the unique experience or service which customers can make use of.

An advantage that you can get with creating a catch phrase is that it’s never changeless, not like your logo, so if the organization would like to employ a new Company marketing strategy, you can easily alter the catch phrase to highlight this new marketing scheme. A slogan then opens up several opportunities to augment the advertising campaigns, as compared with the permanent status of company logos as they’re harder to institute.

Specific Services

When transmitting a Company business brand into the market, point out the services which just you can supply. If your organization can guarantee a function which none of your rivals can, then you create an advantage on the customers over the same businesses. One instance of this might be a time promise with your delivery services, if you’re in the food industry. Figuring out how to effectively employ such Company branding strategies will aid in boosting your Company’s push and you will be that much closer to your desired business enterprise success.

Article by David Nielsen from the Nielsen Traffic Report. We specialize
in Company branding and marketing. First page Google listings are
common in are Company. Check us out at
Company Branding
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FAQs About Graphic Design Certification Programs

Perhaps you want to earn a graphic design certification, but you are unsure how to do so or what is involved. Graphic design certification programs are usually short-term programs — they are two years or less that prepare you to enter the exciting world of graphic design. Graphic design trains you and your visual eye. You develop a sense of what makes the difference between an ordinary image and a powerful design. A graphic design certification lets you learn the fundamentals of design. You also learn the basics of how to think visually. The best graphic design certification programs will train you in typography, concept development, color and composition.

1) Aspects of a graphic design certificate

In addition to teaching you a broad range of graphic design tools and concepts, the graphic design certificate teaches you the basics of visual communication. A good graphic design certificate allows you to take a strong core of intensive classes, as well as a handful of electives to appeal to your strongest interests. For instance, you can take classes in advanced layout design, typography, color and digital skills. A good graphic design certificate allows you to become immersed in the latest technology of graphic design. Such a certificate program allows you to prepare yourself for a career in advertising, print and other media.

2) The basic core of a graphic design certificate program

A good graphic design certificate program has a strong basic core in the fundamentals of design. Most graphic design certificate programs will begin with a basic course introducing you to the world of graphic design. You should take at least one course that introduces you to the basic concepts and tools of graphic design. A good graphic design certificate program should also include typography, layout, digital skills, multimedia and design. The best graphic design certificate programs have instructors who give you assignments to practice and hone basic design skills. You should practice the skills needed to produce designs for advertising, print, media and corporate identity logos.

3) A class in color theory

Does your graphic design certificate program include a class in color theory? Ideally, you will want a graphic design certificate program to teach you about the interaction of color, and how you can manipulate color during the design process. A good color theory class allows you to study the concepts of color, space and spatial problems. You can study color harmony and how it interacts, as well as the possible combinations of different colors.

4) A course in basic typography

What would be a good graphic design certificate program without an in-depth study of basic typography? Typography is one of the most basic aspects of graphic design. A course in typography should train you to create effective visual communication and layout.

5) Learning the basics of layout with Quark express

Your graphic design certificate program allows you to learn the basics of layout with a class in Quark Express. Quark Express is the most popular tool for design and layout. A class in Quark express will let you learn how to layout a leading page, use the typesetting program, and learn how to use tools to create your own original layout designs.

6) Learn to become proficient in Adobe software

Adobe software programs are some of the most basic tools of any graphic designer’s toolbox. A good graphic design certificate program will allow you to gain a strong working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, In Design, Adobe Flash, and other Adobe software programs.

Visit Brian Scott’s website, and learn about making money as a graphic designer. For graphic design jobs, visit
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Express your story with Space Branding

Nowadays companies have largely started applying different tools to enhance the work ambience for the employees and people associated with them. They have understood that the company personality is not only restricted to its website and logo. But the concept is way more extensive than it seems. Space branding in such a scenario is an ahead of time approach to bring brand story to life. Space branding is to embellish the work space by showcasing brand personality and values throughout. Brand environment extends the experience of brand through elements like brand colour schemes, graphics, values, lighting, interiors and so on.

Why Space Branding:
*Impactful brand voice: Space Branding creates a different brand voice throughout the work space. From brand colours to brand elements, every single brand identity adds to the experience.

*Better interaction: When an outsider visits your work place he gets the feel of your organization through the Space Branding. This makes him aware about the company even before cracking a conversation with you.

*Creating a culture: When you have your company values and personality portrayed throughout, your employees feel the sense of belongingness. They feel a part of the culture and the sense of responsibility adds to their experience with the company.

*Distinct identity: Space Branding helps to create a distinct place for the company from the herd of other similar players. Unique identity creates an ideal place for everyone, giving way to healthy competition.

*Increased productivity: When an employee or any person associated with the company feels the work place as his own and the company as his first priority, the productivity of the company gets higher than expected.

*Better understanding of organization’s values: Company’s mission, vision, values and other elements penetrated throughout the work space brings company to limelight in the eyes of employees and each and every individual associated with it.
Space Branding with Thin-i

We help you create your own space with Space Branding

You have a story, then we know how to showcase it. Share your brand story with us, we will create an experience with it for the people. So you can share your unique voice through impactful designing and audience will connect with your company on a personal and emotional level.

*Your story, our craft: Space branding is an art. And the only artist who delivers it with perfection is the one who knows the company. So in our process to achieve that perfection we drop by your office often to get in sync with the culture and do 100% justice to the story.

*Bringing your company to centre stage: What is your company into? How do you function? What are your values? What makes your company different? We answer all such and many more other questions artistically through Space Branding. It brings your company to centre stage and create an ever lasting impression.

*Let values speak: We use Space Branding as a unique physical embodiment of the brand story. We leverage the brand experience by using work space as a platform to showcase brand persona. From brand values to brand culture, every element associated with the brand is taken to the next level through holistic brand interaction.

*Creating impact like no other: However strong your other means of communication are, but Space Branding always gives you an edge. As one quick glance at your work place builds an impression which is rare to create in such a short period of time.

*Pleasant ambience, pleasant outcome: When we create a drama with your brand story, every character involved in it only adds to the plot. Employees feel driven by the company values that sub consciously penetrate in them, they feel responsible to match up to the standards and most importantly the ambience remains full of life which in turn brings more favourable results.

Kinnari brings madness to life with her cheerful persona. Writing is her passion which she lives at Thin-i Advertising and Branding. She writes her heart out to the world. Her honesty is what connects her with the people.The most envious part about her is her mini library with the best of writing showcase.
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Using Internet Marketing For Small Businesses So You Can Build An Internet Presence

Since the advent of the internet, any size business now has the ability to reach customers on a global scale like never before. There are no more limitations on only communicating with local consumers because now with social networking and other sites online, businesses have the ability to interact with anybody they choose. But, obviously a small business needs an online presence in order to do this. This short article will give you some simple ways to build your own online presence.

1. Social Networking

Websites such as Twitter and Facebook have provided large and small businesses with a completely unique way to market themselves. After joining such websites you need to build up a comprehensive profile and then start to join in on conversations as well as communicate with both existing and potential new customers. Also, don’t forget to build up relationships with other professionals using this method.

2. Create A Blog

Make sure that the blog you start on your website is one that is relevant to the service or product or relates to something that you know a great deal about or have a keen interest in. As well as helping to keep your site updated with fresh and unique content which is important part of any successful SEO campaign it will help you to gain a reputation of being a leading authority in your niche. This will in turn serve as a reliable source not only for your customers but other leading professionals.

3. Videos About Your Products and Services

These have become extremely popular in the last few months as they provide all businesses with a way of providing an in depth view of their product or service. As well as being able to provide details regarding the products size, color and texture these videos offer you the opportunity to explain fully the benefits of them to all your potential customers. When you use this way of how small businesses can build an online presence the videos you create do not have to be anything fancy, just make them as personable as possible. Then once created simply upload them to sites like YouTube.

Your next step is to let Local Internet Marketing Expert, Eric Henderson, give you your own customized online assessment score on how well your internet marketing for small business is doing by visiting to find out how to design your best local online marketing customer acquisition strategy.
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