2014 is coming to an end

This time every year I write an end of the year blog post. Last year drew from various songs that I could relate to in some way and re-cap how the year went. 2013 was a year, I believe that at that moment it felt like some type of big endings in my life and new ones beginning. Looking back on it, the “bad” things that happened in 2013 weren’t so bad and the “good” things that happened continued to put me in line with continuing for me to grow as a person and to grow NThreeQ.

Here are a few things that I have learned in 2014:

– Other peoples actions show more about them than it ever does about you
– The best relationships are never found on social media
– Genuine people, although sometimes hard to find – still exist
– 2013/2012 no longer hold any importance other than an experience
– Business is just business
– People don’t live rent free in my head anymore
– I get to live an incredible life that I’m still creating
– Dreams come true, every day

2015 will be the start of the 8th year I have owned my own business. I’m lucky every single day just by waking up – it’s a gift.

At this moment, I am so excited for everything that life is going to put in my path – the good and the bad and the things that will help me grow and become what I was meant to be. Great things are ahead and unicorns exist.

And just in case you did need a new theme song: I recommend “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons. :0)

To success,