100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days Challenge

I’ve been seeing these posts a lot on Facebook – taking it day by day for 100 days and showing what makes you happy – big or little but still what makes you happy. I went to the website and signed up – at the top in big letters is a statement: 71% of people who started the challenge never finished. The 29% who did finish found life to be richer and better, found it easier to find the little things in life to be happy about, became more optimistic, was in a better mood, received more compliments from people and found love during the challenge.

I have accepted the challenge as of May 1rst, currently on day 2! I am tracking on our instagram account @nthreeqmedia. Please follow us to not only see our latest projects but for the challenge! Reflecting on the last few years, I wasn’t as happy as I should have been – which is directly my own fault. I accepted things as is. However, coming out of that was great friendships, a strong hobby in boxing, being in the best shape of my life, traveling more, better client relationships and a take charge attitude for vocalizing that I should have everything that I want – and now comes the challenge. I still sometimes sweat the small stuff, get bothered by things that don’t matter or how people behave – I would like to get over that stuff and be even happier than I already am. I can’t control anyone else but I can control myself and my life and make more dreams come true. My friends didn’t nickname me the unicorn without reason! :0)

So, challenge accepted. Join us in the challenge! Follow us on Instagram and start the challenge. Lets be the 29% that can complete it.

To success,
NThreeQ Media, LLC
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