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Potential Security and Identity Risk

We wanted to bring it to our clients attention that our executive team has been notified that someone is impersonating various N3Q team members on google plus and other social networks. We were able to catch it without any security breaches or serious side affects to our organization. We have notified Google and are working with them to ensure that this is stopped.

If you are contacted by someone from our team, please contact us to verify that it is really us. This is a new identity and phishing scheme.

We wanted to let everyone know to also be aware of their own identities and we recommend setting Google alerts for their names and company names to ensure that no one is impersonating them.

We hope everyone has a wonderful end of the year and if we can assist in any way please contact us directly!

Angelina and the NThreeQ media team


2013 ending a different way as it began

I’ve gone over and over on how exactly to write the infamous end of the year blog. Typically it’s a personal story of how life has once again surprised me with a side of business. I feel that I have various theme songs throughout the year that describe all of life’s events perfect. If you read the lyrics to Katy Perry’s “wide awake” that would be everything recapped, seems so much simpler. :0)

And now moving on to whats important – the end of the year has come. I’ve made some of the best and worst decisions of my life this year. I was able to work for a month out in Napa, I was able to spend more time with my dad, and reconnect with my mom. I made a new best friend who would be there for me for anything, I learned how to box, gained some excellent clients who are family and re-launched….myself. Follow up with Sara Bareilles’s song “brave” or another Katy Perry song “roar.”

And to finally end my year with a story and a song – I met the love of my life when he showed up on my patio – literally. If anyone out there ever denied believing that soul mates exist can email me to hear the whole story. Cue in Katy Perry’s song “unconditional” – that’s how he makes me feel. Know all, judge none.

So a much more simple blog, of the incredible year that I had. From Valentines day to summer to dancing to Napa to my birthday to boxing to best friends to tequila to regrets to love to business and most importantly to living life, open and honestly – I toast this year to them all, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I’m ending the year in a sort of surreal manor – but still in a way I never thought existed. I can’t wait for 2014 and the new changes that will happen – I feel I have grown throughout the years as a business person but lacked on the personal development. I think that I was long overdue and this was a year for personal reflection.

To 2014 and the new roller coaster ride!

On air with breakthrough radio

Finally came across the broadcast that our president, Angelina Gonzales was on…..Breakthrough Radio. Not too shabby for her first time on air!