The Universe Gave Me A Kiwi

A Kiwi, a fruit. Actually quite delicious is that fruit. However, it’s not pretty on the outside, you have no idea of it’s contents and the name seems kind of funny – although the Kiwi bird is quite cute.

But, nonetheless, a Kiwi was what was given to me yesterday – metaphorically speaking. I don’t really want to say a coal that could turn in to a diamond under pressure because that just seems lame, I like Kiwi better. So, the universe gave me a kiwi yesterday. A small little nugget of good just to tell me that someone or something or anything is still out there – looking out for me and tossing me little nuggets to help achieve my goals.

I have spent 5.5 years blogging – and I have like 90 to show but who’s counting?! And in those blogs I think every single one I some how manage to write “in business what I have learned”…..which I guess can be true but this – little Kiwi, was not necessarily a business lesson but my first adult lesson – starting out in my 30’s and realizing what everyone says about their 30s – “glad their 20s are over.” And now, it makes sense. The ye ole mistakes of the 20s are long gone, the things that once bothered you are gone and you just live life and quite frankly – enjoy it.

But back to my Kiwi, my little nugget of a gem from the universe letting me know I am still on track. Yesterday, something truly remarkable happened – truly. The details of it are not important – but at first “hit” the gift of the kiwi was born. A furry, ugly, little round thing was dropped on my desk with little regard to anything else on my desk – papers, pens, important things to do.

After I stared at the Kiwi for awhile, I sent out 8 texts to 8 different people. I sliced that Kiwi up and gave out all the pieces to business people, entrepreneurs, close companions, confidants and the likes. All 8 people initially said the same thing, “your kidding” and “wow.” And then, we all looked at the Kiwi and decided what to do with it. See, once sliced the Kiwi is a truly beautiful fruit. Bright green with little seeds, not too hard or soft to eat and oh so sweet. Healthy for you too – I believe a super fruit. See, this little, hairy, ugly nugget that was dropped from the universe was this healthy, sweet, delicate thing that told me – this is what you need, stay on track, onward and upward.

All 8 people agreed, whether they knew each other or not – and said the same thing. I have a 60 day plan – an agressive, 60 day plan that I will hit. Nothing has changed, or been taken away, there’s no emotion to it – or disappointment. I woke up this morning happy, like really happy. And excited. That little kiwi re-energized me, gave me new hope and broke down some barriers that I have been struggling to get through for the last few months. One thing I know is for sure, I don’t sit back and think “what did I do to deserve this?” You think that too often, you aren’t making good decisions. We all make choices in life, and with those choices comes great things or set backs – its part of life and learning. We have all learned lessons – good, bad and ugly. And people sat back and watched us make them, not hoping for failure nor cheering us on but knowing that everyone has to make choices in life – that’s why life is given to you, to live it how you seem fit.

To my Kiwi from the universe thank you for the snack, my journey is long and hilly with sharp turns and curves – I needed the energy to keep going and finally get over that hump I was stuck on.

To success,
NThreeQ Media