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Medical and Imaging design

Did you know that NThreeQ Media designs specially for the medical industry? We understand what it takes to create cutting edge yet emotional designs for your practice or center. 

We also have had the great opportunity to design for CoolSculpting doctors around the valley and in other states! The new, non-invasive way to freeze your fat away – check out some of our designs on facebook!

We also have been working with imaging centers – providing knowledge about the latest technology for early detection and screening. 

We thoroughly enjoy working for people who promote good health! Contact us today if you need any type of design or printing for your CoolSculpting pratice or any other medical, dental, or imaging center!


To success

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Blog Tangent

I sometimes can't help myself to just blog on a tangent. I guess that is why we all have freedom of speech and the internet. My latest tangent? Yelp. I think that this website stinks and is so driven to ad dollars they really don't care about the quality. Majority of my posts get "filtered" in their fake filering system and never show up. Which, for restaurants, really stinks because the reviews and the stars aren't real numbers. Yelp states that they do an overall average, which I highy doubt that. Bet me money that the places that pay additional for advertising are the ones that get the low scores "filtered out." What's even more awesome about the situation is they say it's like that because of language – which I just recently had my review "filtered" but one dropping the F Bomb left and right, wasn't. 

I guess I will do what I always do and trust Open Table, those reviews are legit and from a different type of people which I prefer. Google getting better and better and Pinterest is just getting fascinating. I truly hope that people don't judge these places on Yelp and get, at least, a second opinion. 

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