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Karen Porter now launched with N3Q

N3Q has just launced a new site for the wonderful Karen Porter!


Karen Porter is an international retreat and seminar speaker and a successful businesswoman. She is the author of six books including I’ll Bring the Chocolate: Satisfying a Woman’s Cravings for Friendship and Faith released from Random House/Multnomah publishers.

Go on ahead, Check it out!

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Elements Launching at N3Q

One of N3Q latest website design builds, our partner Elements Global.

Elements Global is a brand of companies focused on solutions for the world! Stemming from small business into the corporate world, our Business Solutions and Ventures Companies cover it all. With our own non-profit section focusing on building the bridges between countries and their people, we work directly with government officials, ministries, and executive teams/organizations to secure futures for projects benefiting areas in need…on a global scale. Elements Global is dedicated to growth and new ideas in developing future solutions for years to come!


Check out the site and tell us what you think!

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