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June 1, 2007 I was approved for the creation of NThreeQ Media, LLC. A concept born a few weeks prior on a kitchen table of an old boyfriends house one night. I remember being alone, working on the logo and the name and watching something random on the TV….I can’t even remember what it was now.

I don’t remember how my dad’s card popped in to my head and I don’t remember the second that I knew that was the name of my company – but I just knew. I have a sheet of logos that I scribbled out waiting to find the perfect combo and to this day, I have yet to figure out why I choose a blue number 3.

But here, June 1, 2011 – 4 years later I am celebrating NThreeQ’s anniversary. A lot has changed in 4 years, I have changed and grown and become comfortable in my own skin. I have my logo tattooed on the inside of my wrist – to always remind me that I cannot quit, I cannot give up. I remember the days of designing club flyers to pay my cell phone bill and living off of broccoli, coffee and rockstar because it was all I could afford – come to think of it, some things never change. I have gone from living as roommates with my step-sister and nephew to living by myself in downtown – finally finding a place where I fit in and enjoy. I never thought that I would like walking everywhere, barely driving, visiting farmers markets and riding a bike.

I have lost long term “friends” and have gained friends that I will have for a lifetime. I have gained many more clients that are great influences in my life and I appreciate every second of them. I still call my dad every other day to talk about business and get advice – it has gone from me being less dramatic about situations and to more matter-of-fact scenarios. The tsunami’s of business have quieted to small swells perfect for surfing and not a hard crash in to the water. Once you learn how to ride the waves of life you know you have arrived – the high’s and low’s are no longer very far apart and they become almost as equally challenging and fun.

Today, also begins a new start for my intern who has braved the craziness the past few months and is now moving to a part time junior designer. She asked me the other day when could she go full time – I laughed and told her when I could afford her – so if you need design work big or small call me!

LOL There’s my marketing pitch. I have become an expert in my industry and have built a foundation on a single word, belief and motto to live by – Integrity. As time has progressed I have seen those who have judged and turned on me. Believed one side of the story without hearing the other – but alas, I am too busy to contemplate most of that in any given day. I have grown up and matured and learned how to communicate and talk and not react on pure emotion – quite a feat for anyone who has known me over the years.

I have created a wonderful business partnership with Elements and that continues to grow and strive including the friendship and I cannot forget the relationship that has begun to grow and mature as well – 2 and half years in the making.

I am excited for this next year, big things are in the works and I am excited to build a team of designers now that I have my solid team of programmers. I can’t wait to have someone else do my accounting and someone to keep my head screwed on.

I wait for the day that I stop losing my cell phone every 10 minutes.

To coffee and broccoli and rockstar – and not to forget bread and ramen and cheese. To another vacation in Napa – to finally going to Fiji – to never sleeping and always working – to wine, to wine, to wine and margaritas – to friends and family and my extended family of clients – to those who have always stuck by me – to Modena – and most importantly to my dad, thanks for making it a great 4 years and to 5 more and 6 more after that.


To success,

NThreeQ Media
Phoenix Graphic Designer

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