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The workaholic doesn’t even agree

I received this in my inbox the other day –

The article about the re-nowned violist playing in the middle of DC Metro Station and really no one pays attention to him. I have read this article before – and the blog post actually misses some critical points from the article – like there was a man that recognized him and there was a small (very small) crowd that at one point did form around him. Those points might have aided in the discussion below on the article where the consensus was by the majority that people thought that the experiment was stupid and of course no one stopped to listen because they were hurrying to their destinations – that was the point of it.

Read it, and tell me what you think. A very powerful and moving story about how we are all so wrapped up in our own lives that we actually never take the time to stop – and I am the walking example of this. I used to and still do hear all the time how I work too much and need to take a minute. I have begun to take a minnute, I have begun to take time to myself and spend time with others and actually start living my life rather than going through the daily motions as many do. I would have never opened my eyes to this had I not had life changing events last year as well as not realized how important parents and family are. We all learn on our own account, and some never do.

I walk my dog over the freeway bridge every morning, I see all the people rushing to work, speeding and not stopping for us in the crosswalks. It saddens me when the nicest people are the homeless guys who always say good morning and smile at you – you can't help but smile back and be not afraid. It's amazing to see the differences. In downtown I can go to a bar by myself and read and chat with other people and make friends. I tried that in another city and just got funny looks, I go to the gym and read on the treadmill – a book not celebrity trash – and get those same looks.

We have stopped appreciating the little things in life and rush through it, read mindless stuff and are too hurried to stop and listen to a violinist or to one another. I will tell you one thing, and maybe it's because I play the cello, I would have stopped. I would have been late, I probably would have had tears in my eyes at the beauty of the music because that is what music is, when it drives you to an extreme emotion, tunnels your vision and captures your soul.

The saddest part is the fact that there are so many people that felt that it was stupid and of course people were just too busy- it saddens me not because of the lack of appreciation to classical music but that as a society we really are too busy all the time and in our own worlds to notice anyone but ourselves. The children noticed, not because they aren't clouded by street performers, but because they are still innocents and still see the world in an unharmed and beautiful way with everything to offer them and for them to experience it. Children have the biggest dreams because doubt hasn't been introudced to them yet.

If you haven't stopped to enjoy your pet, your kids, your family, your friends, your home – then do so. Get in the car and enjoy that you are getting in to your car and going to your job and enjoy it. Seriously, do stop and listen and enjoy and tell the people in your life how you feel, because they might not know it and there's no time like the present to do so.

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