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The gift that can last a lifetime

How can you help a child in your life:

• Lock in a low life insurance premium for life
• Build an asset (tax-deferred) that lasts a lifetime
• Get insurance coverage started that he or she will need as an adult

It’s simple: just give that child life-long protection with a State Farm® life insurance policy. You’ll not only provide a lifetime of security—you’ll provide solid financial options for life.

What you’ll give with the gift of permanent life insurance

  • A whole lifetime of insurance protection.
  • Tax-deferred growth of cash values and potential dividends
  • Provides funds that can be borrowed against for future needs
  • Life insurance protection no matter how your child’s health or financial situation changes, as long as premiums are paid when due.

Best of all, when that young person becomes a bit older, the gift of life insurance you give provides other policy features, such as receiving dividends or borrowing against the policy.

Talk to your State Farm agent for details on coverage, costs and restrictions.

A financial future that begins now
It’s never too early to help a child plan for the future. Permanent life insurance is a great way to start. The policy develops cash value that grows tax-deferred and may be eligible for dividends.

Which policy makes the most sense for a child? Take a look at our 15 Pay Life. In just 15 years, the policy is entirely paid up—no more premiums to pay. And the earlier you purchase a policy for your child, the lower the premiums will be.

Customize your coverage
Add even more value to your policy by buying any of these optional riders. Your State Farm agent can help you customize your policy to meet your needs.

  • Guaranteed Insurability Rider: You can purchase additional life insurance on specific option dates without an additional medical exam, regardless of your health or occupation.
  • Waiver of Premium For Disability: If the insured is disabled for six months as defined in the policy, the premiums may be waived.
  • Payor Insurance Rider: Waives the premiums on your child’s policy if disability lasting more than six months as
  • defined in the policy or death limits your ability to pay.3

One final bit of good news. The Gift of Life is an asset that won’t compromise a child’s eligibility for future educational grants or financial aid. (Rules for this could change in the future.)

Your family trusts you … you can trust State Farm

Why try to prepare for the future on your own? With more than 80 years in the life insurance business and the financial strength to back up our policies, as well as consistently high ratings from independent rating agencies, you can trust State Farm.

Call today, write a policy and receive a $10 gift certificate!

Nanette McClelland-Miller, Agent
State Farm Insurance
Anthem Gateway Office Park
42104 N Venture Dr, Suite C-118
Anthem, AZ  85086
Ph: 623-742-6866 E-Fax: 623-748-4059

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It’s just business and everything else is details

A while ago I wrote a blog post about the little separation between personal and business, I never thought that there was. I never understood how someone could just say it was just business. My perspective was that when I was personally affected that all things in my life were affected and I stand by that blog however I have a new perspective on things.

Last week was interesting, in all aspects of life. But the most interesting is I found myself saying in my head on Friday that this person was taking it way too personal and it was just business, because it is. I think that you sometimes loose vision about what everything it is all about, who you are really doing this for. We strike out against eachother or in our industry, but at the end of the day it isn’t about you nor me but making the client happy and giving them what they want. That me saying that it needs to be fixed, or re-worked or edited etc., that it truly has nothing to do with the person as an individual – absolutely nothing, it’s truly just business. It’s nothing personal until they make it personal.

Over the years I have had to work on my communication – and I am still working on it every single day. I still don’t handle everything right or say everything right however, I am only human. I can be only human and imperfect and strive to be better than the last day. But, sometimes, it really is just business and nothing personal, but truly just business.

I leave this morning to begin my day slightly confused, already stressed and misunderstood. I have yet again to find my place in this world and I have yet to know what that is or what my path is, although I know that I am on it, guided by it as I should be. People come and go in my life and as one is leaving another is coming. As one project ends, another one begins. As I feel like I am no longer fitting in to this life, a new journey develops.

At the end of the day, it’s just business and everything else is details.

To success,
NThreeQ Media
Arizona Graphic Design

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Looking for a few php programmers

We are looking for some freelance php programmers – database knowledge and creation a must as well as social media integration. Email with examples, resumes, years of experience, rates, timelines and any other information that you might feel is important for us to know.


The team of NThreeQ

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Designers responsibility

I just finished reading an article about designers and social justice and where the responsibility lands when items are put out in the world that could potentially be racist or hurtful. Does the blame lie on the company that requested it and put it out there or does the blame lie on the designer who did it?

That's a tough question and would enjoy some input. I have danced around and around about where responsibility lies when you are working with a client. They request something that you know wont work yet you do it any way to please the client – but then your work is out in the world and you aren't confident with it.

When something goes wrong in printing – perhaps a few brochures were misbinded and they went out in to the world. Is it the designers fault? The printers fault? Something that just happens and cannot be avoided?

Or there's a misspelling or a typo or an incorrect date. You client signed off on it and said send to print – and now the fault lies back on you. Yes, you did the mis-typing however, it was signed off by the client. So where does the responsibility land. How is there accountability? Is it shared?

I tell my clients alot that you cannot please everyone and someone will always get mad, or upset or not understand. We can go through life worried what others are saying, slamming your design or your ethics or you can go through life knowing that you did the best of your abilities and then some.

But where does designers social responsibility land? I have designed items that who knows if they offend or not, I have taken projectst that I wasn't sure about but needed to pay bills – and maybe these designers are faced with the same challenge. Do this or not eat. Do that or lose your job. It's such a blurred line between what we are able to do and what we are allowed to do.

Things to think about.

To success,
NThreeQ Media, LLC

Phoenix Grpahic Design

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Never-ending vet bill

I' grouchy today.

I paid the never ending vet bill today. It feels like its never ending and hanging over my head in a daunting factor.

One of these days it will be paid off but every beginning of the month I must pay on it and be reminder that she is gone and I did what I could to save her and now all I have left is the bill. Sad isn't it? Ugh, just leaves a bad taste. There are some things that I don't understand why they happen in life and this is one of them!

Although I am enjoying my foster dog Bella tremendously – it numbs it slightly when I click to pay tht darn bill.

That's about it for lack of wisdom today.

NThreeQ Media

Phoenix Graphic Designer

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What a week can bring!

It has been a wild week! Let me tell you. I became a foster dog mom of one my my white german shepherd rescues – Bella. So in a nutshell I haven't left the office much to give her time to adjust to her new surroundings. Which is quite beneficial mainly because we have 4 large website's all launching right around the same time.

One of our trophy's – although already in phase 2 of designing – is

An events promotions company that is putting all of our skills to the test and them some. A large site complete with every bell and whistle you can possible imagine. Admin console with editing functionality, a large flash piece with XML feed to update flyers, RSS feeds for local news, live twitter feed, large forum, live forum feed once that gets going, jquery, mobile site, and list goes on and on. it's quite exciting – and I think my favorite piece has to be the turntable gallery or the 3D spinning cube in the members lounge. Not only is this an awesome organization – but quite the feat in our books for a site build.

Check it out, become a member, go listen to some great toons.

The 2nd one is currently propigating over to the new servers and the 3rd one is going in to test mode. So exciting! We also have a 4th one being built as a custom wordpress so stay tuned for that launch!


To success,

NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Designer

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