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End of the year

We are coming upon the end of the year and this is my last blog post of the year. *sigh*

I am going on year #4 from the start of my company – I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years already. What some waves I have gone through and I am so excited for 2011. Work has not even slowed down – not even on Christmas day.

2010 have been a year full of growth, tragedy and soul searching. I have experienced love and loss and everything in between. Here’s what I have loved and what I have lost.


  1. I learned that living and spending time with my 3 year nephew was both rewarding and frustrating. Rewarding to see such a little person grown and learn. Frustrating for 3am chocolate milk demands. :0)
  2. I learned that if you are liked by everyone you are doing something wrong
  3. I learned what unconditional love was – losing my great love, my German shepherd Modena.
  4. I learned that being surrounded by a handful of people that only want the best for you is better than being surrounded by a 100 of your “closest” friends
  5. I have learned to stop being a people pleaser and allowing others to take advantage of my kindness. “Never mistake my kindness for weakness”
  6. I have learned not to dwell on people I can’t control and things that should not matter
  7. I have learned balance between personal time, work time, love and friends
  8. I have learned that when all my bills are paid in the beginning I sleep better
  9. I have learned to love what I do once again and empower others
  10. And most importantly – I have learned that Dreams Do Come True

I made a great decision on how I am spending my New Years Eve, although not agreeable to everyone. I almost changed my mind and was going to go out but I learned this year to not let others push me in to making decisions I’m not comfortable with.

I have made amazing project pieces this year and 2011 will be starting off with a bang with 2 very large websites launching in January and February. My non-profits are making huge strides and I cannot wait to see what new clients and projects I get next year.

I will still be working with the German shepherd rescue organization – I recently named a new comer, her name is now Juliet. I plan on walking in the petsmart charities walk to support the rescue in February so stay tuned for more information on that!

Have a very safe New years eve and a very happy new year!

To success,
Phoenix Graphic Designer

NThreeQ Media, LLC

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Building launch!

One of my favorite clients to work with has launched their new website with a new look! I have had the honor for working with John Trent for the last few years and I truly love what his ministry does! His goal is to reach out to parents, singles, children and every one in between to help build a strong family.

This website is about 114 pages, flash banner on the homepage and custom built e-commerce. Just beautiful!

Check out the website, the material, the speakers and the bookstore for great information!

To success,

NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Designer

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Just Moved! Remodel!

After many months of a gigantic website the launch or is finally here! Standing at 350 pages large, admin console to control the entire website, a public forum and shopping cart this giant of a website has been re-faced, re-built and re-launched.

Just Moved is an organization that helps women who are moving – especially in the military. They are an international ministry that strives to connect women with each other – assisting with friendships, contacts, help for their children and just a shoulder to lean on.

It's organizations like this that help us to help one another during difficult times like a move. Check out the website, pass it along, browse the cart and enjoy! These women are doing something great!

Just Moved!


To success!

NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Design

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