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Not just for design

As most everyone knows, my life is my company, my clients and my dogs. In May, I lost my German Shepherd Modena unexpectedly. The loss took a toll on me and I was fortunate for all the support I received from my friends, family and clients. I had decided that I would never own another dog again, as the loss of Modena was difficult enough.

Then I began googling recently. I found a local German Shepherd rescue and decided to reach out. I am not sure about a dog or any of the sorts but Modena and I ran every morning for years and that was what I missed. I asked the rescue if I could volunteer to take one of their shepherds on play dates and they said absolutely.

I am enjoying my involvement with this organization and it is definitely healing my heart after Modena, I feel that she would be happy. I have had the opportunity to spend time with Mindy, a young white German Shepherd that is nothing but full of life.

I was never sure if there were opportunities that could be found to volunteer and take rescue dogs on outings. I am excited to become even more involved with these amazing dogs. I encourage others, especially if you are like me and enjoy running with an animal companion. There are so many dogs that need love and attention, as more homes goes in to foreclosure people are abandoning their homes and their pets in the backyards or cannot afford their pets. There are ways to help other animals without taking on the responsibilities of a new pet.

Mindy has changed my heart forever and I am grateful. I hope to spend even more time with more shepherds and watch them find great homes.

It’s all about community whether you are in business or not!

To success,
Phoenix Graphic Design

It’s a

When hiring a graphic designer to handle your design needs, website needs, SEO or marketing there has to be a level of trust between you and your designer. If you have chosen a good one, they will do everything they can that is in your best interest to make you successful. If you don’t have full trust in them the relationship will never work.

Like any relationship, it is built on trust, honesty and communication. Same goes with your designer. You need to be able to communicate what you want, if you don’t like something, if you want to change something, or go in a different direction. Although some conversations might be difficult, it is your business and they are assisting you with your business.

You don’t have to use every bit of advice that they give you but always take it in to advisement. One of the best things that my dad ever told me was to listen to people that are wiser and more sucessful than you. Ultimately, I always make my own decisions, but not before consulting my dad and other business associates first.

I think that one of the keys to being sucessful in business is listening. The others? Always being professional, ethical, honest and good to others. It’s important to have a great product, get it to market, advertise and saturate the market. But if you don’t play well with others or treat other business’s by being dishonest, or unethical then you won’t get very far in business.

In the amount of time that I have been in business, I have always held on to those rules – although sometimes difficult. NThreeQ is built on those standards and always raising the bar higher to treat our clients with the most respect and make them happy.

To success!

Angelina Gonzales

Phoenix Graphic Designer

Social Media

Social Media – an ultimate necessity for any business. Don’t think that you need it – you are wrong.

You need it, more than ever and quicker than your competition. Facebook. Twitter, SEO all of it you need it. Sharing your information, what’s new with your company, focusing on key words and content is so important. The key? You need an expert. And that’s not a sales pitch to hire my company – although I do hope if you are reading this and agree you are emailing me right now for more information – here, let me make it easy for you.

But truth be told, over the last few weeks I have been assisting a client in cleaning up another SEO company’s mess. This is where the knowledge is power comes in to play. When they guarantee you top Google rankings in less than 3 months run. If they guarantee tons of traffic to your website all of a sudden, run again. If they guarantee that they can track people throughout the Internet and place strategic banner ads run. Especially with the tracking – as web browsers get so amped up on security and privacy it’s difficult to do any type of tracking like that.

The key – one is Google Analytics. 2 is blogging. 3 is social media. 4 continue continue continue.

In order to get strong Google rankings you need to do it organically – it takes time but once you get those rankings you hold them – it’s not a jump and then a tank down to the number 50 spot.

Here is just a 16th of information about social media but hope it helps.

To success,

NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Artist