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Never, Never, Never Quit.

NThreeQ Media’s history goes back longer than it’s creation 3 years ago. And although I have learned a lot and continue to learn about business and people we have come a very long way.

My dad drove down to Phoenix recently to spend some RR with me and we began talking about NThreeQ’s inception. It means to Never, Never, Never Quit. When the going gets tough you just keep going. My dad’s philosophy is also “Ever Forward”. We can never go back so we must move forward. We must focus on the opportunities and we must never quit.

There will be those that will help and those that will hurt but bottom line is that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.Eleanor Roosevelt said that. And it is very true.

NThreeQ has continued to grow through a down economy, and as the economy picks up it is the company’s that made it through this that will now reap from it’s benefits. As things look up we must move ever forward and never give up.

We specialize in small business’s and business’s that want a re-face. We excel with our non-profit organizations and truly believe in their missions to help people. We understand budgets and your mission, we enjoy the opportunity to assist in your goals.

To success,

NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Design

Some of the best advice

I love when people are passionate about what they do. It’s inspiring, to hear what they believe and where they came from – I could listen to people talk about how staying positive and putting things out in the universe that you want will ultimately give you something in return. Sometimes disguised as something else, but never the less a beautiful little gem of a gift for life.

So here is what I got from this conversation:
Rather than reflecting on the here and the now, focus more on opportunities and possibilities. I have repeated that over and over in my head for the past week, and it is truly changing the way that I think. Every time there is a negative or something that is difficult that comes up in business I just focus more on the future and the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead.

Which, if you really think about it, could literally be anything. It’s quite impressive. Imagine just putting it out there that this is what you want and that the here and the now is only the foundation of getting those amazing possibilities?

I love it.

Stop focusing on the money. If you do what you love and stop focusing on the dollar amount, on what you have or don’t have or what material things you want, you will never be happy. I went from wanting to make a dollar amount to just wanting to be happy, successful and able to travel and live life and pay the bills. I no longer have some number in my head that I must achieve, I believe that when you focus on the opportunities and possibilities – the money will come. And when it does, you will be happy with where you are at that it won’t define you anymore.

It’s very freeing, and it just opens my mind.

I hope that I get to have lunch with this person again. He just knows how to life your spirit up and now I just know that building what I am building it will happen and that success and happiness and over all joy for life is just around the corner.

To success,
Phoenix Graphic Designer
NThreeQ Media, LLC

Business brings amazing relationships

People come in to your life for a moment, an hour, a day or a lifetime – that’s what people say and it is oh so true.

My journey has only just begun and I feel like a child all over again looking at the world from below rather than above. My original 5-year plan at the age of 21 was to have my own office, in a large corporate building in a power position. 5 years later I had my own, very nice office on the 7th floor of a Biltmore office building and free rein to rock the company and make changes.

I got bored.

So now, it’s my new 5-year plan. Take over Phoenix as the optimum choice for graphic and web design needs. Hire employees with massive talent and just build our client’s business by bringing them to the next level.

The people that I have met along the way these past 3 years have changed my life, brought new perspective and gave me thicker skin to handle anything.

I feel like 2010 is going to be amazing, not only for business but also for my self. I’m making big strides to changing my life, taking healthier options, and being not only a friend and a sister but a teacher.

To success,
Phoenix Graphic Designer
NThreeQ Media. LLC

Growth Train

All aboard!

We are on the growth train and cruising right along! In the last 3 years NThreeQ has doubled it’s size and now for 2010 we want to triple.

I have learned a lot along the way. I have learned all about thick skin and trust and people. How to handle situations and push my feelings aside. Not to sweat the small stuff and to surround myself around like minded individuals. Some times, you trust those that you shouldn’t but those same people teach you valuable lessons.

So for 2010 and all the valuable lessons I have learned along the way I am excited to say I have 2 new designers. I was very lucky in finding my programmers, they are talented and like-minded individuals. Designers were not as easy to come by. Being that I am a designer, it takes a certain personality to mesh right within my company’s standard.

And yes, we are all now on board and cruising on the growth train! I am excited about these designers, I am excited for them to bring a new flavor to NThreeQ, a new style and a new attitude. That’s what growth is right?

We are all in this big world in an industry where there is heavy competition – wait, what competition?! My programmer’s and designers a like are ready to rock and roll and show Phoenix and the world what we have to offer.

Sometimes in business and in life there are set-backs and mistakes that are made. I have been dwelling on a mistake for the past few weeks. But it is time to get over it and move on – we all make bad decisions but it’s what we do with those decisions that matters. So what did I do?

I reached out to some old friends. Found new, fresh talent and as one of my dad’s favorite sayings is: “ever forward!”

To success,
Phoenix Graphic Artist
NThreeQ Media, LLC