Everyone has one, but Everyone doesn’t always want to hear it.

I think that as business progress’s and grows you find yourself surrounded by many opinions – some good, some bad, some that just don’t make sense. I find it hard to listen to them all – especially if they aren’t in my industry and especially if they are still in the corporate rat race and not on their own.

It’s difficult. It’s hard and some days you wonder why you do it – but then every day gets better and you remember why you love what you do. I think that over the last year and a half I have gained a lot of respect for my previous boss’s and/or owners of the company’s that I worked for. Now, lets not be mistaken – not ALL of them deserve it but many do. :0)

It is hard when you are the sole decision maker and what you do affects more than just you. I remember being on the other side not understanding why they were making the decisions that they were making. Now, it totally makes sense to me.

I was one of the people who spoke too freely with my words at times, was more than judgmental on certain decisions and didn’t understand why someone just couldn’t run the company. Now, I understand. It’s not just black and white. It’s completely different when you are in the hot seat and well, I don’t really want people opinions on my decisions unless I ask for it.

And unless you are my dad, my best friend who’s my marketing guru or running a huge advertising, design or something similar industry – I don’t want your opinion.

Sounds hard right? Not really. It’s just business – it’s just what you have to do. I learn everyday of the right and wrong decisions that I made. I learn everyday how to gain more clients, keep my current ones and how every time I design for free for an acquaintance it ends up badly.

I enjoy the hot seat. I enjoy having no other buffer other than me when something goes wrong. I enjoy the fact that I am growing each and every day and it is due solely because of the faith I have in my self and the faith that other people have for me.

I don’t enjoy the opinions and the long drawn explanations that I don’t really need. But it’s all about the good and the bad and if you want to good than you have to take it all!

Much success,
Phoenix Graphic Designer