What is TBS you say?

Too Busy Syndrome. When did everyone become too busy for everyone else. It’s annoyingly amusing when my friends and other’s tell me how busy they are. They couldn’t do this because they are too busy, they couldn’t get her because they were too busy, they couldn’t answer this because they are too busy and so on and so forth.

When did we become too busy to eat? To sleep? To do anything but be too busy? And what, might I ask are they too busy doing? Have you ever had someone that is always too busy and yet you have no idea what they are doing? I have a few of those.

My latest favorite? Sending me an email, when I never asked for one, about what they are doing and how busy they are. We can’t go for coffee but you can type an email telling me how busy you are. What happened?

I had a boss that was like that. She was always to busy doing nothing in her office. Quite amusing if you ask me I suppose. I try, very hard, to never tell someone I’m too busy. I might be in the middle of a project, working on a design, running errands, running my dog – I may doing other things and have a hectic day but I’m not too busy to forget all my responsibilities.

But some are. Some have been diagnosed with TBS – and as far as I know, there is no cure. So don’t let you catch the bug of being too busy.

Life is short, and very fun. I have a friend that I tell that he is a roller coaster to me. We have high’s and low’s and turn’s and loops and it may be crazy, may make me sick but it is always oh so fun!

So be a roller coaster – go for afternoon margarita’s or for a massage instead of work – you can avoid TBS.

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Phoenix Graphic Designer