this month I celebrate my year anniversary. One year ago I left the corporate world in hopes of turning my moonlighting graphic designing in to an empire. And low and behold, one year later and I am well on my way. More projects have come my way, more clients have come my way and many great relationships have formed. I am excited for year number 2, the first hurdle is over and the 2nd hurdle has begun. 5 years is when you know you are solid and going to survive. I cannot wait to see where I am at in 5 years.

I met with an executive coach when I first started, the biggest struggle that I knew that I would face would be not having thick enough skin and be too sensitive. I believe I have overcome my biggest hurdle. Things don’t affect me the way they used to, business is just business and I actually think that I have wound down a lot. I used to be alot more uptight and now things don’t affect me the way they used to.

In this year, I have learned who is true to me and who isn’t. I have learned about creating balance in my professional live versus my personal life and making decisions no matter how difficult it is.

I am excited for year 2, I am excited for what is next to come.

Angelina Gonzales
NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix Graphic Designer