It’s just business

When I first started my business I had an executive coach. She asked me what were some of the things that I wanted out of it. other than the usual, large company, great income, everyone knows you, I also wanted thicker skin.

I’m sensitive and I know it. Take things too much to heart and don’t quite know how to separate where my feelings don’t get hurt. I wanted to be able to say it’s just business or hear it’s just business and let it roll off my shoulder.

Friday the 13th came yesterday and I got my in my order of thick skin. How amazing – such a day for bad luck and I have had nothing but the best luck since yesterday. Not to mention, my big order of thick skin.

In business, it is just business sometimes. You are forced to make decisions that are difficult and people aren’t always thrilled with – but that’s the price of business. You have to do what you have to do for the best interest of your clients and your company.

So yes, Friday the 13th led me to make a decision that did not please everyone involved however it was necessary. And when asked why and the anger rose all I could say was “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

Thick skinned,
Angelina Gonzales
NThreeQ Media, LLC
Phoenix AZ Graphic Designer