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F – A – I – T – H

5 letters that mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Something that we forget about, or only call upon in times of need or sorrow.

Something my mother continually tells me every time I am down, every time something doesn’t go my way, every time I feel that the road less traveled is hard.

The leap that I took to start NThreeQ, a successful graphic design company in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 3rd chapter in my Think and Grow Rich book that my Women’s mastermind group is reviewing.

So what’s it to you or me for that matter? I’m listening to my ipod right now, fighting like hell for new project work, new clients all the while trying to keep my sanity as well as everyone else around me. I hate it when people blame the economy for bad times, I hate it we get ourselves in to our own problems and want to feel sorry for ourselves rather than fix it.

Did you know money is actually easy to make? It’s getting to that mind frame that is the most difficult – finding the way is the most difficult? Can you believe that I am the one saying this? I just had this conversation with a millionaire – who has all their assets tied up in their new company – a broke millionaire – fabulous right? What have I learned about millionaire’s and successful people? They know how to make money – they re-create, re-invent, and re-do what they’ve done to make more. How many times has Donald Trump filed bankruptcy and come back with a vengeance?!

So why Faith? If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich go to the bookstore and buy it – tonight. Read it, take a deep breath and do you taste that? Inspiration. Fight like hell and win.

Faith – to believe in the impossible, to literally in vision exactly what it is you want and make it happen. Address a room full of billionaires for 90 minutes and leave them all in awe when you leave the podium – that’s what happens in chapter 3.

We are the only ones that can make ourselves fail.
We are the only ones that can make ourselves feel inferior to others.
We are the only ones that can completely lead our lives to self-destruction or rise up above it all.

We are the only ones that can live, love and laugh with others.

What do you choose?
I will live, love and laugh.
I will succeed and become the ultimate in graphic design firms.
I will support myself, my family and take care of those that took care of me.
Most importantly, I will do it surrounded with the most wonderful people I have ever met in life.
Together we will become a power inspire others and will achieve our goals.

Write it down – not what you want but you WILL do and do it.

Much love and success,
Phoenix Graphic Designer


2009 is going to be great! Halfway in to the first month and oh so many changes! Lets start with the excited new of the expansion of NThreeQ Media – The L GRL. A new marketing tool that will assist online daters with their profiles. Whether you have been online for awhile or brand new to the online dating scene The L GRL with help. Visit today!

What else? Focusing on assisting company’s with their client follow-up and most importantly continuing to bring award-winning graphic design to my clients.

I have learned a lot, and I am continuing to learn each day about business ownership and taking charge!

I have begun reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill with a women’s mastermind group and have created my own vision board. Don’t believe in the laws of attraction? I didn’t either, but try it. Write it down and put it somewhere, you might be surprised about all the good things that will come your way.

I hope that everyone else is moving forward with their business, and if you need help finding love – contact me.

Best to all,
Phoenix AZ Graphic Designer

Honesty is the best policy?

Growing up most children are taught “Honesty is best.”

As you get older you learn that honesty is still the best in certain circumstances. However there is no rule book to those circumstances so you have to figure out what is best and what isn’t. And sometimes you get it right and other times you don’t.
As you get even older, you learn that not many people like to hear the truth, have flaws pointed out, or be told how or what to do. Typically if you feel the need to be truthful with someone the result will not be a thank you it will be an argument, a loss of friendship thus ruining your day.
Business is not all that different. You are required to be honest, but only to a certain extent in certain situations. Often times, someone asks for my honest opinion about their website design, brochure design or logo. I have learned this is a setup most times. If improvements can be made some people are receptive to change, others are not and end up getting upset with you.
It’s a give take relationship I suppose. And what about business relationships? People are honest with me all the time. I am told what I should do, where I should take my business, change how I dress, how I approach certain things, or am a sounding board for others to vent on.
I don’t know about you, but have you ever tried to turn those odds around? Tell someone your opinion, how you feel, how they should run their business, how they make others feel? To be honest (no pun intended) it never goes very well with me, someone usually ends up mad.
But that’s human nature right? We say we can handle it when we can’t. We say we can handle criticism when we really don’t want to hear it. We tell others to just be honest and when they are, they are mad at you.
My solution, you learn about people. Find the ones that can handle honesty and use it when you can. Find others that cannot handle it, and hold back a bit – try a different way. The ones that have made it one sided – well, you handle them too. You don’t say everything you would like to, let them handle their life they way they like it and you worry less about them.
Sounds tough, right? I really like being honest and telling others how I feel or how they made me feel. But it’s not always appropriate. Save the real honesty for your close and true friends – you know, the ones where you could use as a punching bag and they still love you the next day. The ones that can’t handle it, don’t even try.
We live in a world of such diversity it’s beautiful. If we didn’t have all these different personalities life would be just a little boring and who wants that. Take a deep breath, take it in stride, keep your head up and keep going.
Life gets hard and business is even worse – but the benefits far out weigh anything that I have ever encountered – therefore I am always grateful.
Happy New Year,