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peacocktailAn innovative advertising agency – specializing in branding, marketing and design for all types of industries.

We are people who promote excellence, create beauty and have the highest regard for professionalism and integrity

To provide media solutions to companys and organizations that are well thought out, professional and meaningful; thus creating an impact in their industry and community.


Disruptive Innovation:
an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology. The term is used in business and technology literature to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect.


NThreeQ Media has built their reputation by delivering projects on-time and within   budget. We are able to work within our client’s budget but never sacrifice quality, timeline or customer service. We have built strong relationships with our clients who stay dedicated to us and show their appreciation by referring us to others. NThreeQ Media has been in business for nearly a decade.

What Does N3Q stand for?

Winston Churchill’s quote: “Never, Never, Never, Quit.” Three N’s and a Q.

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What we do

Our company is ready with an arsenal of ideas for your all project needs!


Web Creation

Modern web-designs that work for you and your business.


Graphic Design

Brand development, Logos,  Trade shows, Advertisements, Invitations, Posters, Brochures, Business cards, Banners, Billboards, Business Suites, Menus, Printing and more!


Advertising | Marketing

Planning & Execution, Internet Marketing, Collateral, Promotional Products, Project Management.



Competitive pricing for all of your printing needs including promotional items, apparel and trade show booths.



Optimize your business and your life with our services.

NThreeQ Media has been our salvation! Their creativity and expertise in advertising and design have allowed my companies to more than triple our business in under two years. We couldn’t be more proud of our ads and promo items. We actually leave people anxiously anticipating what type of ads we will do next because their designs make such an impact on our target markets. NThreeQ is always ready to go anytime I have an urgent request. Most importantly we have never missed a deadline. Timely response is the difference between making or breaking a business in a competitive environment… it’s about who can move the ship the fastest and most efficient. NThreeQ Media does this for us.

Maria Holtan, CEO
Altitude Analysis, New Frontier Imaging, NFI Aesthetics

Our work

Provision Networks

Advertising / Branding / Logos / Web design

Hot Noodles Cold Sake

Advertising / Branding / Logos / Printing / Promotional / Web design

Binkleys Restaurant Group

Advertising / Branding / Logos / Printing / Promotional / Web design

New Frontier Imaging, LLC

Advertising / Branding / Logos / Printing / Promotional / Web design

Roka Akor

Branding / Web design

Schumacher Mercedes

Web design

NFI Aesthetics

Advertising / Branding / Logos / Printing / Promotional / Web design


Advertising / Branding / Printing / Promotional / Web design

Gardel Engineering

Branding / Logos / Printing / Web design

XL Design Build

Advertising / Branding / Logos / Printing / Promotional / Web design


“N3Q Media is a step above other Creative Media firms. The sound direction, and business advice Angelina provides is invaluable. Her education, experience, creativity and professional relationships span into different markets for a very good reason. Creativity is not limited to a single vertical. As I recall she has been involved with Non-Profit organizations as well as Nationally recognized million dollar institutions. As for myself, I have been in the I.T. Services field for several years and her understanding of milestone setting, and direction in both market information and personal direction has been extremely helpful. I would recommend any firm, large of small, to seriously consider the PEOPLE they are working with in addition to the QUALITY of their work. N3Q Media Ranks high in both.”

Nicholas Friedman, CEO Templar Shield, Inc.

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